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Through the eyes of a stranger…The American Dream unfolds

I arrived a little late to the bloggers luncheon at Royers cafe in Round Top
just in time to grab one of the few remaining seats.

We were soon served our plate of margarita pie and ranch salad with cilantro
dressing by the Royers staff, just as we had been at the first luncheon a
few months ago out at the Prairie. We ate, getting to know those seated at
our tables, and to learn just how they too ended up here at the luncheon,
mostly from blogging connections.

Soon after we were served our Junkberry pie with vanilla Blue Bell ice cream,
the program began.

I wondered to myself after just a few minutes… just where else does an
“industry” such as the phenomenon of Round Top come from? From the time
you reach the towns near Brenham driving through Carmine, home of my friend
(Emily BarringtonSellers) or Burton where Linda and Ludmill of
Willow Nest Farm live and working your way down one of the roads leading
into Round Top. Passing through Shelby and the Shelby Inn and on down to
The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell just a few miles north of Round Top and all
along the way, one farm after another, you see vendors, all set up out in
their fields…and this happens over and over again…for miles!

Where else in the world is there a place like the Round Top Antiques Fair held
twice a year plus two smaller shows where people come from, all over the
world, even Corey (Tongue In Cheek Brocante, in Provence…and others
(Martha Stewart and Mary Emmerling) in years past to buy and sell?

Hearing all of this for the first time and seeing it for himself must have
been amazing as the visitor from New York city sat there as his friend
Bill Winsor (CEO) of the Dallas Market Center told about the new
Vintage showcase at market. The DMC was sponsoring the bloggers luncheon
this time along with Marburger Farms and Royers and making sure we all knew
about the involvement now that the DMC had on this thing called “VINTAGE”?
The Dallas Market Center has opened a whole new section just to showcase
all of the dealers in one place, the old Market Hall-with food Airstreams
outside and tons to view indoors!

We heard as Bill told about Dallas’ involvement in the vintage market and
Carol Hicks Bolton from Fredericksburg tell us how Homestead started and led
to her eventually, at 40 starting a family and leaving the business for a while
to raise her 2 children, home schooling and all! We heard about being true
to ones self no matter what you do and “Knowing who you are” in your home
and life.

We heard all about the importance of home and making it yours…uncluttered,
having it all…and things that you love, not just stuff to fill a space.

Dwell with Dignity was again featured as a great outlet to help those with less
be given a new start and chance at life, but in beautiful settings that give
a boost and purpose to starting over.

After lunch as I drove south out of town I began to come to the farms set
up for business…from the covered wagons perched out in one field to the
abundance of Texas and American Flags…

I realized then, just what a phenomenon this place truly is…
the land of opportunity, the American Dream of owning your own business
as most of these people do who set up here. Just as Carol and her husband
did about 25 years again Fredericksburg with Homestead and now with
“Antiquites Laboratoire de Design” and how Bud and his wife Karen did with
Royers Cafe and it’s growth and popularity and mainstay in Round Top.

I realized this is what it is all about, being true to yourself, your dreams,
hard work,making long time friends and making a life for your family.

It took me a long time to finally find my way down to see this place called
Round Top Antiques Fair, being born and raised in Texas, I have known of
this place for years. But it wasn’t until I had the opportunity to come a
few shows back and shootas a VIB, “Very Important Blogger” for the
Marburger Farms show that I also got hooked into coming every time to see
what was in store and to experience the greatness of the
American free market and life in Texas!

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Hico, Tx here we come! another Homestead event!

Nancy and I head out to Hico in the morning to
Homestead’s great flea market and show on the square~!
so much fun last spring, we can’t wait to see what all
we find! Will get to see our friends Linda and Ludmil
from Willow Nest Farm and lot’s of others! Peacock Alley
had a fabulous airstream all done up in it’s finest
so hope they are there again as well… you should stop
by, it is Friday and Saturday!~

The Prairie ,HGTV, Rachel Ashwell, Royers Cafe…

What more could a little ole person like me want! Oh My –

We are really going to be spoiled after our special bloggers (VIB)
luncheon on Monday at The Prairie… soon approaching! Can’t wait!
We just found out that HGTV is sending a STAR to be there as well,
and it just might be Emily Henderson, also a junk lover!
Also heard that Junk Gypsies will be on HGTV with a new show
soon, so the HGTV lounge is right outside of their booth in
ZAPP HALL! Stop by for a visit or better yet, come to the
vintage prom dress and cowboy boot night for the dance
Thursday September 29th! Can’t wait~! Junk-O-Rama Prom!
Royers Cafe
The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell
The Hidden List
Junk Gypsies
Zapp Hall
Nate Burkus Show
Dwell with Dignity

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