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The Pink Chair

I had a recent bridal shoot and used one of my
favorite props….my heart shaped, pink chair!

pink roses on a pink chair

pink roses on a pink chair


RIP: Hole in the Wall burgers

I ate there over 30 years ago when i worked at Barry’s
Cameras on Harry Hines. Recently, I had rediscovered
the great burgers at Hole in the Wall on Harry Hines. They
were my absolute favorite burgers anywhere, and the
eclectic feel of the place made it even more fun to go
there. For the past year, i had been asking the lady at
the counter if i could come in and do a photo shoot and
she said, no problem, people come in from England, etc
and take photos all the time. I don’t think she really
understood that I meant with a few lights, a few “models”,
my favorite, Waverly and Emily her friend, and another
photographer to help! So finally one day in May,we made the
descent on Hole in the Wall before they opened so as not to
disturb the patrons.

Not knowing we were Really documenting
history at the time, yet in the back of my mind i knew it
might not last. I noticed a few weeks ago the place looked locked up
and then a few days later, there was a dumpster out front. Could the
inevitable really be happening? and why?
my curiousity finally got the best of me today and so i googled
“what happened to the hole in the wall on harry hines?” There, I
got the info i needed! apparantly, the owner didn’t want to renew
his lease since there is getting ready to be major construction
at the intersection near his place. After suffering the past 5 years
with Harry Hines being widened, etc, i guess he saw the writing on
the wall and decided to close for now. Hopefully, he will find a
new location for all of us, his loyal customers! Bet it won’t have
torn black and white checked floors, and grass growing up
through the cracks along the floor, but oh well, maybe with
all his memorabilia and photos, his famous swordfish, etc,
he can re create the old location. Once again, I have been
lucky to capture a little bit of Dallas history before it was
taken down!

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