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The Prairie ,HGTV, Rachel Ashwell, Royers Cafe…

What more could a little ole person like me want! Oh My –

We are really going to be spoiled after our special bloggers (VIB)
luncheon on Monday at The Prairie… soon approaching! Can’t wait!
We just found out that HGTV is sending a STAR to be there as well,
and it just might be Emily Henderson, also a junk lover!
Also heard that Junk Gypsies will be on HGTV with a new show
soon, so the HGTV lounge is right outside of their booth in
ZAPP HALL! Stop by for a visit or better yet, come to the
vintage prom dress and cowboy boot night for the dance
Thursday September 29th! Can’t wait~! Junk-O-Rama Prom!
Royers Cafe
The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell
The Hidden List
Junk Gypsies
Zapp Hall
Nate Burkus Show
Dwell with Dignity

The Prairie B & B Round Top, Tx

“I must be in Heaven” was my post last week on facebook
upon arriving at The Prairie B & B in Round Top close
to Shelby, Tx. I can’t even describe how fabulous
Rachel Ashwells place is there so hopefully these
photos will give some idea of what a great place this is
to visit, hopefully for more than just the one night
i had there. Now i am in Santa Fe, getting ready to
go to the photo workshop with Keith Carter, so as
jumbled up as these photos are, I decided to go ahead
and post until i have more time to organize them by

Fodder for this Blogger…Round Top here I Come!

Round Top antiques fair starts next week, and can you
believe it, I have never been there during the twice
annual shows! and as much as i love antiques, junk
and clutter you would think this would be my favorite
stopping ground! well, after Tuesday, Wednesday and
maybe Thursday, it just probably will be. hope it doesn’t
take the place of “My Favorite Place on Earth-McKinney”
but oh well, guess there is space in my heart for
2 favorite places to visit! Here are a few photos taken last
year right after Round Top week, when I was passing through.
I am going as a VIB, “very important blogger” for the
Margurger Farm show so can’t wait to see some of
my favorite vendors like Carolyn Westbrook, Linda and Ludmil
of Willow Nest Farm and others! I will be blogging all my
photos next week so check back to see what you missed!

photos taken last year about this time… new ones to follow in abundance!

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