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An Illusion…Neiman-Marcus magnifico!

Several years ago, my photo friend Deborah, and I decided
to do a shoot at her place and use her Ghost Chairs as a
prop. I was emulating a Baron De Meyer vintage photo from
a book of his that I own. Thursday I was downtown for an art
show and stopped by Neiman’s Downtown and loved their windows,
as usual! What to my surprise, they have used the same chairs
as Deb and I with the beautiful, debutante dresses on display!
You can see a sample of one of my photos on the banner at

December 22

I guess the one good thing about a December birthday , early in the month
is that you get to celebrate it … all month long! Waverly asked me
to lunch, to belatedly celebrate my birthday and of couse i
said, “Yes” ! especially since we were going to La Duni, being one
of each our favorite places to dine! We had a nice lunch and then
they brought us a slice of Tres Leches, the best cake ! with those
2 funky candles since I told the waiter her birthday was the next
day, the 23rd! We then grabbed an innocent bystander in the
front to snap a photo of the two of us, since I usually never
have my photo taken, you can see why!

After we left, I remembered that I had decided to go downtown
to see the windows at Neiman’s. As fate would have it, Santa
was there waiting for me at the front of the store! Not really,
but he was interested as to whether or not i always had my
camera with me, and i said that i had come down just to
take photos! So, i scooted him back by the tree in the
ornament shop and snapped a few of him! He proceeded
back to his station as you can see in the beautiful
decorated store! I am MAD for the chandeliers down
the center of the store with the white shades over them!

I snapped a few of the exterior decor, some kind of interactive window
this year for the kids to climb through and the tree on top of
the little fashion restaurant, full of fabulous photos taken over
the years of stylish women in fashion poses! I snapped those
from the parking garage across the street. As i made my way
home and to drop off a fresh pumpkin pie to a family friend under
hospice care,
I received the phone call . . .

Barney’s Hosts Chantecaille makeup line from France

Today i met Waverly at Barney’s where she was meeting up with her favorite makeup artist, Phillip, and the

owner and her daughter, Lisa, of the line, named for the owner, Chantecaille. It was so much fun, i had a little touchup

and Elfriede went for the whole facial! we met free lance

makeup artists, Susie Gray Uphues and Laura Catherine. After snapping everyones photos and trying out the vintage sofa, a la Mary Kay!

we headed down to Neimans and ate at the Mermaid Bar. After a nice , chatty lunch, we spotted some old friends of

Elfriede’s, Daniel and Richard, from the D & R Salon in Dallas. So, of course the obliged and had their photos snapped as


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