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Mad Men drop in on McKinney !

well… sort of… take a look at this really retro seating
arrangement at Fringe the Event as you walk in the door…
makes you think you are on set!

A Hop, Skip and Jump over to Princeton!

this has been a busy weekend for shoppers all around!
From Fringe the Event, to the McKinney 3rd weekend flea
market, which sadly, I have never been to, to the Lumberyard
sale across from Fringe… and then a venture out to see
Vincent’s new store in Princeton… and we still have Sunday
to see what comes our way!
spoons cafe

Too Much Honey… what to do , what to do?

My friends, Nancy and Dennie, started raising honey bee’s
last year and their 2nd year, they doubled their yield!
So, Nancy is selling her honey straight from Fairview
a 1# jar for $8.00. Fresh, unfiltered and RAW -delicious
honey! Great for your health since it is local!
The bee’s feast on magnolia flowers and all the wild flowers
they can find on the 25 acre spread! Really heavy and
flavorful… you’ll have to try some!
let me know if you would like a jar or two and i can deliver
or mail it to you. 5.20 shipping for one jar and multiples a
tiny bit more. Paypal invoice will be sent and no charge for
delivery if it is closeby! call or email me and we will figure
it out!

Chase Hall Reception

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