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Adobe.Art.Mountains and flowers…

Just got home from Albuquerque and Taos with a few side trips
along the way! How nice to be in 62-87 degree weather in the
middle of the summer! A nice change from our Texas heat…

Albuquerque taken on the Crest of the mountain, 10,000 + ft up,
then to Truchas and the high road to Taos was such a treat, finding
these galleries and of course a few portraits along the way!
Last are a few in Taos of the adobe shops and beautiful flowers…
can’t wait til next summer!

Go Ahead…Make my Day, or how a little Bear and Angel saved my Christmas spirit

_KRP0016 copyI have to admit, I have not been too excited about Christmas this year.

My family is all dispersed this year for the first time in 27 years, my son

is traveling the world, my younger may join him early December and then

there is the loss of my father in law this past year that changes

how we all celebrate…My mother in law will go visit her kids this year

so as not to be in the big house all alone and for the first Christmas

without him, and thus our lives are all changed!After working at

my office this afternoon, I decided to check out Mary Kate’s

since I missed their open house a few weeks ago.

After visiting to see what all they had in store for the holidays, I

noticed a new place a few doors down! What a treat Ballard and Blakely

turned out to be! Full of festive decor and florals as well as all that glitter that i love!

When I saw mr. Bear serving up hot cocoa, I immediately decided,
Christmas would go on in our house! I also spotted the little angel
to hang in the entry with all my other “junk” and glitter that I can
hardly take down each January! So, here is a little peak of things
to come, this new Christmas season…

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