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Cynthia’s cottage in Country Living!

Last September, my friend and fabulous set designer, merchandiser extraordinaire
Vince Maggio, let me know he had staged a fabulous cottage in McKinney. I asked
if he would like photos taken of his work and he and Cynthia said “Yes”. As it
turned out, Cynthia was going to submit photos of her home to several publications
hoping to get them published, so perfect timing! Well, I stepped in the front door
and was in Heaven! Of course this home needs to be published! Needless to say,
Country Living has it in the current July/August issue so pick up a copy! In 2017
it will also be featured in a book, City Farmhouse. I had the pleasure of sitting in
onboth of the photo shoots, so you can image this little photographer
was especially happy!


… As white as snow

A coat of paint, makes a big difference! No longer looking like a hunting lodge,
CottageKat is taking shape! This week the cabinets get assembled, installed and then
countertops get a start at the fabricators! Hardwoods will be sanded on Friday
so just about there!

white ship lap walls are primed

Looking towards the dining and French doors leading out front

white ship lap walls are primed

Looking towards laundry closet and new French doors leading to back yard…

white ship lap walls are primed

Laundry closet for stackables, hopefully with interesting louvered doors to cover…

white ship lap walls are primed

Dining with doorway to bath now closed off… inset for sideboard

white ship lap walls are primed

Just enough room for pantry and fridge on this wall to right of doorway

white ship lap walls are primed

On Friday, the floors get sanded, filled and then stained, etc! Almost there!

white ship lap walls are primed     white ship lap walls are primed white ship lap walls are primed

It’s all in the details…

We had major fog the other day so I went exploring! This is my
neighbors, 29 year old horse… a little diversion from the remodeling
Kitchen Remodel_2014_COTTAGEKATREDESIGNS_KatherineHershey

Going with the “cottage” look, I decided the walls needed to be covered in
ship lap wood to resemble an old cottage who had had it’s wallpaper and
backing gauze stripped off to expose the old, wood walls behind. Any
(normal) person would have just replaced the cabinets and painted the
textured walls. But no, not ole Kate, I had to make it special! Since it was
not too expensive I was able to do this one little detail that I think will
really make the kitchen unique and true to a cottage look. Adding the
French doors for light and also just general updating also adds to the charm.

Kitchen Remodel_2014_COTTAGEKATREDESIGNS_KatherineHershey-2
I closed the door that was on this wall, from the dining room leading to
the “Master” bath. Later, I plan on remodeling the Master bath and will
be removing the existing linen closet to install a French door leading
outside, hopefully to my Outdoor shower!

Kitchen Remodel_2014_COTTAGEKATREDESIGNS_KatherineHershey-5
So I needed a new linen closet and my contractor came up with the idea
to take a little space out of the dining to create a linen cabinet. I had
talked about making a cabinet floor to ceiling just on the other side in
the bath but it would have stuck out into the walkway coming from the
bedroom making it awkward. So this little cabinet was a good solution
in this little cottage! Thanks Joe!

Kitchen Remodel_2014_COTTAGEKATREDESIGNS_KatherineHershey-4
I have a sideboard that will just fit into the little alcove we created, just
for my cozy dining room! You can see what a beautiful change the
French doors made from the old high up, rectangular window
that was there!

Kitchen Remodel_2014_COTTAGEKATREDESIGNS_KatherineHershey-6
Now looking down the kitchen to what used to be a wall with the
full sized laundry area behind it, you see the new closet built to house
the stack units and the existing hot water heater. I really wanted to put
the HWH  in attic, but Joe and my brother, Clay, who is also a plumber
both thought it best to leave it down rather than up!

Kitchen Remodel_2014_COTTAGEKATREDESIGNS_KatherineHershey-3
Here is the laundry closet the other day before they built the wall to
close off the hot water heater and divide the little area in two. There will
be some small shelves in the corner for detergent, towels, cat food, etc.

Kitchen Remodel_2014_COTTAGEKATREDESIGNS_KatherineHershey-7
Friday, they will prime the walls which now resemble a hunting lodge:)
nice and warm and cozy to a nice, clean white! Crown molding, and then
a larger cap over the doors and window to make the room extra special.
I know Joe wishes I would quit looking in all my binders, with photos
collected over the years of my favorite homes and rooms. Most of them
are white color schemes, I must say… a definite look that I prefer.

Kitchen Remodel_2014_COTTAGEKATREDESIGNS_KatherineHershey-8
After some primer, trim and everything else is finished, the cabinets go
in as well as my beautiful, yet totally impracticable white, honed
marble counters!

What Secrets Lie Behind these Walls… PhotographerHouzz Plano and Dallas Photographerinterior photography_18

I knew this house had to have some ship lap somewhere due to it’s age, 1953 and so I felt that was what it needed but exposed rather than hidden behind walls…so I wanted walls of wood if possible. I think this will also give the home  some more character and attention to detail.

My original intention was to put a pocket door from the Master Bedroom to the
bath next to it. Once they started tearing out the wall, it appeared that the
roof line was built into this wall so there is not room to put a pocket door
in 😦 But we will put a door in and just use a bi-fold door to save space in
the master. The bathroom door opens now to the dining room which just does not work for me! As well, it is a bit oversized so it really intruded into the dining space…I also needed that wall space since this is such a small cottage… PhotographerHouzz Plano and Dallas Photographerinterior photography

The oblong square in the back wall was a built in ironing board. Cool and vintage as it was, I just didn’t want to give up a clean and neat wall space for it so I had it removed. Guess it will go on Ebay! Moving the washer and dryer to the pantry next to hot water heater meant that the stair pull down above, had to be moved over about 4 inches to make room for the wall enclosing the washer/dryer and hot water heater. I also removed the ceiling light in the laundry area and installed a can light since there will be a chandelier so to speak in the center of the kitchen. So, you can see how every little decision creates another decision and design decision. PhotographerHouzz Plano and Dallas Photographerinterior photography_16

Being anxious to see the cabinets installed, I marked off with tape where each cabinet and appliance will go just so I could get an idea of how much space there will be in my new, little kitchen! PhotographerHouzz Plano and Dallas Photographerinterior photography_17

The old door and window go next, being replace by a 5 ft. French door unit. This leads out to the little deck that I enjoy every morning with my laptop and coffee, when the weather is nice. I listen to the roosters, the ducks next door and watch the train as it moves back and forth through town. The black birds and flocks of doves as well as cracklings keep me company! PhotographerHouzz Plano and Dallas Photographerinterior photography_4

The dining area at the end of this photo on right will get a new French door as well in place of the old, horizontal window. It opens to the front so I hope to be able to enclose a little patio out there for morning coffee. PhotographerHouzz Plano and Dallas Photographerinterior photography_16

The fridge and Ikea pantry go to the left here in this photo next to the jet out wall which houses the fireplace on the other side. We had to move the door way over about 8 inches to make sure there was room for my Ikea pantry. The micro wave will go inside the pantry as well so to save counter space since I wanted the stainless vent a hood over the stove rather than a built in microwave and vent a hood unit. I guess looks win out over practicality in my little cottage, but if you know me, then what else would you expect! PhotographerHouzz Plano and Dallas Photographerinterior photography_12

This is a view into the master bath as it is now, getting ready for the opening into the master and finish out for a later remodel. I decided to go ahead and do the gutting now while everything is a mess and they are in the “tear out mode” and then as money permits, I will re-tile the floors and do something fun with the tub or make a shower leading outside instead! Stay tuned! PhotographerHouzz Plano and Dallas Photographerinterior photography_11

The dining is more open now since the overhang beam between the dining and kitchen was not load bearing, I said, ” Rip that thing out!” and so now the whole room has a more, modern, open feel! These as well as all the other walls will now get covered in ship lap like you see behind the walls in the master bath. It will then all be painted white. I felt like this little cottage probably had those kind of walls behind the sheet rock and that that was the cottage feel for this house, so that i how I decided to add those to the walls rather than just leave it all sheet rocked. PhotographerHouzz Plano and Dallas Photographerinterior photography_10

Here is the door way to the living area that has moved over a few inches for the pantry and fridge. The plug was added for the microwave to go into the pantry on one of the Fixed shelves Ikea offers inside of it. PhotographerHouzz Plano and Dallas Photographerinterior photography_8

In my last house I saw an arched window as the feature of the kitchen over the sink and found the perfect, old wooden window in the exact size for that space. This house all I saw was just a larger, new window to let more light in and clean up the appearance of this old house. You can also see that they re sheet rocked under and around the window and added some insulation since the wall was torn out a bit. They re worked the old, nasty water lines and drain lines since I moaned and groaned so much about how bad they looked! Nice guys they are… PhotographerHouzz Plano and Dallas Photographerinterior photography_13

My bid included 8 can lights I think so I decided to put one in the dining room over the wall that will house my sideboard. This doorway goes next! Can’t wait to see the change! These walls will all be ship lap as well, painted white.

The contractor and his workers are moving right along! You can
see my new 40×40 in window in it’s place~ The hardwoods went down
on Sunday and will be sanded, filled and then stained to match the
rest of the house in a few weeks. What a relief it is to have them down on top
of the sub-floor, which was rather weak in places and also drafty
with the slats not being really tightly butted together. Now, at
least it feels solid! Next comes the ship lap siding walls all around the room
and the French doors in the kitchen and dining need to be installed! Ikea delivers tomorrow so the cabinets will be waiting their turn at installation! I hope all of these notes are helpful to others out there taking on a remodel. Being a woman on my own, I wanted to show that we are capable and can get these things done whether we have someone with us or are alone. Of course, I have had many years of being around remodeling due to the fact that my brother in law, Rex, is a contractor.  I have helped him on a number of projects come up with ideas on what colors, types of design ideas, etc. to do so I have  seen behind the scenes so to speak of the construction process. I think every home has a different “feel” as you walk into it so each home tells you what to do… I don’t just do the same thing on every house but listen to what the home says and what it feels like and go from there!

Iphone week in review…photo wise that is

White Rock Lake, driving in Dallas when the crackles hit the
telephone lines, McKinney-dinner at Square Burger with
Sandra after Fringe The Event Thursday night preview…
Saturday back to check out a few houses, EAT at Spoons, and
then to visit my favorite angel in town… plus a few from
last week at Patina Green and Smitten and Chase Hall…
all with my iphone!
Be sure to check me out on PINTEREST!

Patina Green
Good Look
Chase Hall
Spoons Cafe
Square Burger
Fringe The Event

My Christmas…

Mr.Horse steals the show!

After working on my photo clubs Christmas party, Dickens in Dallas,

I decided to use a little idea from my tables there at home. Using old

books as risers, I don’t have enough Victorian or Dickens style cottages

so I pulled Mr. Horse into action! He loves being the center of attention

and so there he sits on my dining room table, waiting for company tomorrow!

Merry Christmas Everyone!~

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