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There’s no place like Patina Green!

or McKinney for that matter!

PatinaGreen_McKinney_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-25 copy

In case you haven’t heard, Patina Green is getting ready to start

serving dinners! They’ve rearranged the store to make room for

lot’s of dining visitors with fun, little seating areas, tucked into

corners or divided with their great furnishings! Come April…

Downtown McKinney will have another great place to hang out

in the evenings… Thursday, Friday and Saturdays come enjoy

Robert’s great, special treats, made with local ingredients and

the freshest of the fresh!

blue wall_5444

back corner_5455

best sand_5460


bottle cab_5461

center tables_5466


corner out_5453

PatinaGreen_McKinney_KatherineHersheyPhotography_ copy

PatinaGreen_McKinney_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-3 copy

PatinaGreen_McKinney_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-4 copy

PatinaGreen_McKinney_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-5 copy


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Patina Green



Dickens on the Square-where else? McKinney!

Head out to McKinney in the morning, and you will find the
square covered in things to do for kids of all ages! Ton’s of
rides, and entertainment for the little ones and of course
all of my favorite shops are ready to help you with ideas
for gifts! You will see ton’s of glitter, vintage ornaments
and all kinds of unique, non mall type items! The old
lumberyard on the other side of Hwy 5 also has a great flea
market on Saturday as well. Even my friend Vince is there from
Princeton and some items from his great shop GoodLook.
Stop in at Patina Green for a great organic salad or sandwich
and a few chocolates as well as the best iced tea! Grab some of
Robert’s great salsa to take home!
I may even have to go again as there was just too much to see!

How not to Shop at the Mall on Black Friday…

Head to downtown McKinney and visit FRINGE the event, and Vincent at
his shop GoodLook set up at Old Lumberyard and Antique and Junk sale!
And yes, Fringe is open again since so much is happening
in Downtown McKinney this weekend, why it might even be Dicken’s
on the Square weekend as well!
Old Lumberyard Antiques and Junk Sale
Fringe The Event
The Smitten Flea
Patina Green

Patina Green Trunk unveiling, Bloom a new store in town and Nancy’s Birthday!

Nancy’s Birthday and a stop at Patina Green
to see what all they found in Europe this past summer,
what fun to see all the neat finds! Then lunch at Robert’s
counter with soup, sandwich and split a salad! We love to
eat at Patina Green and with the beautiful weather got to
sit outside. Nancy and I headed down the street afterwards and
stopped in the newest store in town called Bloom! What a great
little clothing store with owners Bryan and Kendi who moved up
from Kerrville, just to open a store in McKinney! Guess they love
McKinney about as much as I do ~ Cutest dresses and tops for the
most reasonable price, gives the appearance of being a whole lot
more expensive, yet everything was really reasonable. Why Miss Nancy
even bought a new jacket! “Nancy’s Day Out” was a success and will
continue in a few weeks when we head to Hico for Homestead’s fun show…
visiting with Willow Nest Farm, maybe Peacock Alley will be there
again with their fabulous Airstream Trailer! Can’t wait, but tomorrow, off
to FRINGE in McKinney for their monthly sale! So much shopping-
What’s a girl to do???

A Hop, Skip and Jump over to Princeton!

this has been a busy weekend for shoppers all around!
From Fringe the Event, to the McKinney 3rd weekend flea
market, which sadly, I have never been to, to the Lumberyard
sale across from Fringe… and then a venture out to see
Vincent’s new store in Princeton… and we still have Sunday
to see what comes our way!
spoons cafe

I spent the evening with the Violin Guy… well, sort of.

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