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The GREAT State Fair of Texas! ends this Sunday :(

Who can pass up a Fletchers Corn Dog?

Who can pass up a Fletchers Corn Dog?

BigTex2015__Katherine Hershey photographyBigTex2015__Katherine Hershey photography-36BigTex2015__Katherine Hershey photography-75BigTex2015__Katherine Hershey photography-69BigTex2015__Katherine Hershey photography-35

This cow was a fan hog!

This cow was a fan hog!

BigTex2015__Katherine Hershey photography-71BigTex2015__Katherine Hershey photography-26

Light Crust Dough Boys Perform Daily

Light Crust Dough Boys Perform Daily

BigTex2015__Katherine Hershey photography-9

Nightly parade fun for kids!

Nightly parade fun for kids!

BigTex2015__Katherine Hershey photography-61BigTex2015__Katherine Hershey photography-37BigTex2015__Katherine Hershey photography-31BigTex2015__Katherine Hershey photography-77BigTex2015__Katherine Hershey photography-61BigTex2015__Katherine Hershey photography-39BigTex2015__Katherine Hershey photography-29

BigTex2015__Katherine Hershey photography-34

Sweet Sweet…Life Is Sweet!

Recently, my friend Sandra and I went down to check out the venue

she has chosen for her son’s rehearsal dinner. We stopped in the little

bistro at the back of 400 N. Ervay for a taste of deliciousness! What

a great little, fun place tucked in the heart of Downtown Dallas!

aah Pinterest…how do I love thee?

My love affair with Pinterest continues to grow~ when i joined after hearing about Pinterest from a gal in an antique store, just about a year ago, I was excited at having about 25 followers the first week or so. Being just a tad bit competitive, I began to spend much time, won’t say how much, searching for photos that maybe were different and not easily found unless hunting for them on other tumblr accounts or blogs… thus my competitive streak took over and I have built boards that I hope are clutter free and interesting. The past few weeks I have been watching and waiting as I saw my boards reaching near 2500 pinners! And last night after I finally went to bed at 2 am, it looks like I hit the mark! Enjoy…

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Milk & Honey … We Are 1976 my new finds…

Heading down Henderson Ave., I noticed a cute window…some writings
on that window… was it a vintage shop? better stop and check it out!

Blingity Bling!

A few weeks ago I shot a tiny, home wedding.
While the bride was in makeup and hair, I utilized
my time shooting the Bling! Ring, the shoes and
the scenery! What Fun…

Katherine Robertson Photography Dallas Weddings

Katherine Robertson Photography Dallas Weddings-5

Katherine Robertson Photography Dallas Weddings-10

Katherine Robertson Photography Dallas Weddings-11Katherine Robertson Photography Dallas Weddings-12

Katherine Robertson Photography Dallas Weddings-31

Katherine Robertson Photography Dallas Weddings-40

Katherine Robertson Photography Dallas Weddings-50

Katherine Robertson Photography Dallas Weddings-61

Katherine Robertson PHotography_wedding 10

Katherine Robertson PHotography_weddings

Katherine Robertson PHotography_weddings3

Katherine Robertson PHotography_weddings4

Katherine Robertson PHotography_weddings9

Katherine Robertson PHotography_weddings 5

Katherine Robertson PHotography_weddings 6

Katherine Robertson PHotography_weddings 7the

Guess What Starts Today? The State Fair, that’s what!

My favorite building at the fair grounds has to be the Hall of State.
I am posting some of my images from last year of the beautiful
decor and workmanship in everything down to the water fountain!
Texas Art Deco, through and through this monument of stone, come check it
out even down to the basement, check out the historic flags displayed there.

FlowerTime In Dallas

Vince has beautiful Red Tulips in his fun display
today at Treasure Spotters in McKinney! and of course
you can’t beat Turtle Creek and the Arboretum for
an overdose of springtime glory!

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