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How did the turtle cross the road?

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Well, if you must know, a crazy, City lady snatched him up from ultimate doom

to relocate him to his new, forever home! Yes, driving home from Bonham

where I had gone to view a bunch of  “Old Photos from the 1940’s”  that a lady in

an antique store had called me about I spotted Mr. Turtle on the small, 2 laned road,

a different road than the one I took going to Bonham, a new adventure, I thought!

I spotted something appearing roundish on the road ahead, a turtle I thought,

for sure it must be… Yes , of course it was, and when i passed I could see he was

not yet harmed. Now, a normal country girl would probably just drive right on by.

But no, not City Girl I had to rescue him of his certain fate. So, turning around and

perching my car ever so carefully on the edge of the grassy roadside, with it’s steep

decline, I hoped I wouldn’t flip over … I guess I should have been more concerned

with the approaching auto coming from around the curve in the road! I waited

and then made my descent upon Mr. Turtle. Yes, he was untouched and landed

on the floorboard of my passenger side. Now all we had to do was find a

creek nearby. Driving along, I saw plenty of small creeks, but nowhere else to park.

Then as fate would have it, I saw my favorite sign, Cemetery with an arrow pointing

down this road. So, what could be more perfect a road to explore, with a cemetery

and a home for Mr. Turtle?  Just a few hundred feet down the road, I spotted the

most beautiful field with several lakes. A home also sat across the pond with this

fabulous view. “This is it!”, I thought, a perfect abode for Mr. Turtle. I got him out

and deposited him just inside the fence hoping he too could see the pond ahead.

Maybe a bit too much to ask of one sitting down on the ground and who knows

what kind of vision they have but there was a little creek down the hill as well

so I hoped he would be pleased. Then I drove on down the road looking for

the sign of the cemetery. Never seeing a sign or graves, I spotted a young gal

jogging of all things, in the country? Do people really jog out here in the country?

Anyway, I finally stopped to see if she would talk to me and she pointed me

in the direction of the cemetery. You can see it in the image above, overgrown,

old markers and no fence to surround the property. Had I really been adventurous,

I may have climbed into the brush to read the markers but that might cause a snake

bite of some kind which City Girl is not at all interested in entertaining! I guess I

could tell you of my next adventure this past week, trying to rescue a dying horse

in a field but that story may go untold…

Curious E y e s…

Driving along a winding road, I came upon a pasture of young
cattle…. Getting out of my car and they must have thought
I was delivering food! Or perhaps, they were just curious in
their young, naive age!

farm and country
farm and country
farm and country

farm and countryfarm and country

farm and country

farm and country

farm and country

farm and country

farm and country

farm and country

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