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Hip Hop Happening at Chase Hall – McKinney

Patina Green had a trunk show tonight…

and it was fun and the food and wine- delicious!

Fringe The Event

I’m a Treasure Spotter this weekend!

Head to McKinney on Saturday and Sunday to find ton’s of
vintage finds from me and all the other great vendors on the
East side of Hwy 5 at Treasure Spotters near the old gin! I
stopped in at Patina Green today and snapped a few photos
of their cute Valentines display! Great chocolates from
Wiseman House in Hico why they even have homemade marshmallows!

Iphone week in review…photo wise that is

White Rock Lake, driving in Dallas when the crackles hit the
telephone lines, McKinney-dinner at Square Burger with
Sandra after Fringe The Event Thursday night preview…
Saturday back to check out a few houses, EAT at Spoons, and
then to visit my favorite angel in town… plus a few from
last week at Patina Green and Smitten and Chase Hall…
all with my iphone!
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Patina Green
Good Look
Chase Hall
Spoons Cafe
Square Burger
Fringe The Event

FRINGE the Event This weekend!

Check out all the new finds at Fringe
Friday and Saturday 9-6. Chase Hall has joined in the fun
so stop by and say hi to Terri! No, Norton won’t be there!
check out my boards on Pinterest and see my McKinney page as well!
Chase Hall

Welcoming in 2012!

Off to McKinney I went late today, and found
a few Christmas items on sale that of course,
I couldn’t resist! Patina Green, Smitten Flea,
Homepieces just to name a few that have great 50%
off sales on! I may just have to go again tomorrow
to see what I missed! Be sure to check their hours…

PS. all of these images were shot with my new iphone 4s!
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