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Cynthia’s cottage in Country Living!

Last September, my friend and fabulous set designer, merchandiser extraordinaire
Vince Maggio, let me know he had staged a fabulous cottage in McKinney. I asked
if he would like photos taken of his work and he and Cynthia said “Yes”. As it
turned out, Cynthia was going to submit photos of her home to several publications
hoping to get them published, so perfect timing! Well, I stepped in the front door
and was in Heaven! Of course this home needs to be published! Needless to say,
Country Living has it in the current July/August issue so pick up a copy! In 2017
it will also be featured in a book, City Farmhouse. I had the pleasure of sitting in
onboth of the photo shoots, so you can image this little photographer
was especially happy!


Heading out of town…Van Alystyne in Spring

Today was a good day for a drive especially with my new LensBaby!
Purple muscargi thiknking in van alystyne spring time blooms K_H_Robertson_VanAlystyne_and_McKinney-4 K_H_Robertson_VanAlystyne_and_McKinney-5 K_H_Robertson_VanAlystyne_and_McKinney-8 K_H_Robertson_VanAlystyne_and_McKinney-13 K_H_Robertson_VanAlystyne_and_McKinney-17 K_H_Robertson_VanAlystyne_and_McKinney-19 angel watching over me K_H_Robertson_VanAlystyne_and_McKinney-25

Who doesn’t get excited about beautiful Paper?

Or how can one little city get any better? Well, just find yet another fabulous

little shop in McKinney that’s how! Several weeks ago, after hours, I spotted

a new sign in town. I popped over to peek in the window and was blown away

by what appeared to be another great find in McKinney! The decor,

the printing, the furniture and displays, everything made me want to come

back for a peekwhen open. Last week my designer friend Sandra and I headed

up to check them out! Missing Q Press is the name of the store, and Jason

the owner knows his stuff! What a delightful little place to come shop and visit.

Why, you might just walk away with all kinds of hand printed, fabulous

little books, cards, tags or invitations. Did I mention that they print wonderful

custom invites for weddings, parties, showers, or just about any event you can

think of! Better check to make sure they are open before heading up but

you can for sure find someone there on Fridayor Saturday.

You won’t be disappointed! The Artistic ability of Letterpress!

Hip Hop Happening at Chase Hall – McKinney

Patina Green had a trunk show tonight…

and it was fun and the food and wine- delicious!

Mad Men drop in on McKinney !

well… sort of… take a look at this really retro seating
arrangement at Fringe the Event as you walk in the door…
makes you think you are on set!

Cotton Hearts full of cuteness for Spring!

Check out the cutest, whites at Cotton Hearts in McKinney!
Dorrie has so many fun lacy, sheer, embroidered dresses
and tops, it will make your head spin!
Then head on up to Princeton to Vince’s shop, GoodLook
and check out his new white display cabinet and the famous,
white chair…

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