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Cynthia’s cottage in Country Living!

Last September, my friend and fabulous set designer, merchandiser extraordinaire
Vince Maggio, let me know he had staged a fabulous cottage in McKinney. I asked
if he would like photos taken of his work and he and Cynthia said “Yes”. As it
turned out, Cynthia was going to submit photos of her home to several publications
hoping to get them published, so perfect timing! Well, I stepped in the front door
and was in Heaven! Of course this home needs to be published! Needless to say,
Country Living has it in the current July/August issue so pick up a copy! In 2017
it will also be featured in a book, City Farmhouse. I had the pleasure of sitting in
onboth of the photo shoots, so you can image this little photographer
was especially happy!


Let the Sun Shine In…

cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-5 cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-2
If you remember how horrible these recycled floors looked before this past weekend,
then you’ll be amazed at how beautiful they turned out! So nice to have clean floors
to walk on for a change… I wonder out just to gaze at how beautiful my kitchen is
turning out, almost better than I had imagined. Now, just the trim work around the
doors and windows, final coat of paint on walls and ceiling and finishing the laundry
closet and installing the appliances… Light fixtures last. Guess that is a rather long
list so maybe it will be a few more days than a couple of weeks I had assumed.
Oh Well…it will be soon and I can hardly wait!
cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-3     cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-13 cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-14 cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-15cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-10cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-17   cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-16cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-19 cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-21 cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-6cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-23cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-8
P.S. Since I went just a tad bit over budget:) I decided I needed to work closer to
home and get busy making new friends and contacts. As well, I wanted to  develop
my Real Estate business up here in these Northern parts so I have moved my
Real Estate License to the McKinney office of Ebby Halliday, whom I was with for
about 10 years prior to moving to several “boutique” firms in Dallas the past
few years…still willing to go just about anywhere, though but focusing on the areas
I now call home!

Is it Black…or is it White, or is it Black and White?

The cabinets are installed! It’s really starting to look like a kitchen again!

This is my first time to do something other than all white so it is a bit

unnerving, but I hope once it is all put together, it will be beautiful!

Tomorrow morning, the floors get sanded, filled, and I guess stained.

By Monday or Tuesday I will be able to walk on my new floors…

My wonderful fabricator came today to measure for the counters but

they probably won’t be installed until after Christmas… but that’s ok

I’m not expecting Santa to come down the chimney or anything else

equally exciting…)


I had wanted this pantry/fridge cabinet to be in the white but IKEA is changing the whole cabinet system so they were sold out of them. Thus the black surround for the fridge and pantry… it’ll be ok


So, the guys won’t be back til after Christmas to finish up so guess I ‘ll post about something else for a change! Enjoy your holidays and Merry Christmas Everyone!

CottageKatReDesigns_CottageKat_KatherineHersheyPhotography-2 CottageKatReDesigns_CottageKat_KatherineHersheyPhotography-4 CottageKatReDesigns_CottageKat_KatherineHersheyPhotography-6 CottageKatReDesigns_CottageKat_KatherineHersheyPhotography-8 CottageKatReDesigns_CottageKat_KatherineHersheyPhotography-10 CottageKatReDesigns_CottageKat_KatherineHersheyPhotography-11

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