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Let the Sun Shine In…

cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-5 cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-2
If you remember how horrible these recycled floors looked before this past weekend,
then you’ll be amazed at how beautiful they turned out! So nice to have clean floors
to walk on for a change… I wonder out just to gaze at how beautiful my kitchen is
turning out, almost better than I had imagined. Now, just the trim work around the
doors and windows, final coat of paint on walls and ceiling and finishing the laundry
closet and installing the appliances… Light fixtures last. Guess that is a rather long
list so maybe it will be a few more days than a couple of weeks I had assumed.
Oh Well…it will be soon and I can hardly wait!
cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-3     cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-13 cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-14 cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-15cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-10cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-17   cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-16cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-19 cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-21 cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-6cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-23cottagekatredesigns_kitchen_remodeling_2014_KatherineHersheyPhotography_-8
P.S. Since I went just a tad bit over budget:) I decided I needed to work closer to
home and get busy making new friends and contacts. As well, I wanted to  develop
my Real Estate business up here in these Northern parts so I have moved my
Real Estate License to the McKinney office of Ebby Halliday, whom I was with for
about 10 years prior to moving to several “boutique” firms in Dallas the past
few years…still willing to go just about anywhere, though but focusing on the areas
I now call home!

Is it Black…or is it White, or is it Black and White?

The cabinets are installed! It’s really starting to look like a kitchen again!

This is my first time to do something other than all white so it is a bit

unnerving, but I hope once it is all put together, it will be beautiful!

Tomorrow morning, the floors get sanded, filled, and I guess stained.

By Monday or Tuesday I will be able to walk on my new floors…

My wonderful fabricator came today to measure for the counters but

they probably won’t be installed until after Christmas… but that’s ok

I’m not expecting Santa to come down the chimney or anything else

equally exciting…)


I had wanted this pantry/fridge cabinet to be in the white but IKEA is changing the whole cabinet system so they were sold out of them. Thus the black surround for the fridge and pantry… it’ll be ok


So, the guys won’t be back til after Christmas to finish up so guess I ‘ll post about something else for a change! Enjoy your holidays and Merry Christmas Everyone!

CottageKatReDesigns_CottageKat_KatherineHersheyPhotography-2 CottageKatReDesigns_CottageKat_KatherineHersheyPhotography-4 CottageKatReDesigns_CottageKat_KatherineHersheyPhotography-6 CottageKatReDesigns_CottageKat_KatherineHersheyPhotography-8 CottageKatReDesigns_CottageKat_KatherineHersheyPhotography-10 CottageKatReDesigns_CottageKat_KatherineHersheyPhotography-11

… As white as snow

A coat of paint, makes a big difference! No longer looking like a hunting lodge,
CottageKat is taking shape! This week the cabinets get assembled, installed and then
countertops get a start at the fabricators! Hardwoods will be sanded on Friday
so just about there!

white ship lap walls are primed

Looking towards the dining and French doors leading out front

white ship lap walls are primed

Looking towards laundry closet and new French doors leading to back yard…

white ship lap walls are primed

Laundry closet for stackables, hopefully with interesting louvered doors to cover…

white ship lap walls are primed

Dining with doorway to bath now closed off… inset for sideboard

white ship lap walls are primed

Just enough room for pantry and fridge on this wall to right of doorway

white ship lap walls are primed

On Friday, the floors get sanded, filled and then stained, etc! Almost there!

white ship lap walls are primed     white ship lap walls are primed white ship lap walls are primed

It’s all in the details…

We had major fog the other day so I went exploring! This is my
neighbors, 29 year old horse… a little diversion from the remodeling
Kitchen Remodel_2014_COTTAGEKATREDESIGNS_KatherineHershey

Going with the “cottage” look, I decided the walls needed to be covered in
ship lap wood to resemble an old cottage who had had it’s wallpaper and
backing gauze stripped off to expose the old, wood walls behind. Any
(normal) person would have just replaced the cabinets and painted the
textured walls. But no, not ole Kate, I had to make it special! Since it was
not too expensive I was able to do this one little detail that I think will
really make the kitchen unique and true to a cottage look. Adding the
French doors for light and also just general updating also adds to the charm.

Kitchen Remodel_2014_COTTAGEKATREDESIGNS_KatherineHershey-2
I closed the door that was on this wall, from the dining room leading to
the “Master” bath. Later, I plan on remodeling the Master bath and will
be removing the existing linen closet to install a French door leading
outside, hopefully to my Outdoor shower!

Kitchen Remodel_2014_COTTAGEKATREDESIGNS_KatherineHershey-5
So I needed a new linen closet and my contractor came up with the idea
to take a little space out of the dining to create a linen cabinet. I had
talked about making a cabinet floor to ceiling just on the other side in
the bath but it would have stuck out into the walkway coming from the
bedroom making it awkward. So this little cabinet was a good solution
in this little cottage! Thanks Joe!

Kitchen Remodel_2014_COTTAGEKATREDESIGNS_KatherineHershey-4
I have a sideboard that will just fit into the little alcove we created, just
for my cozy dining room! You can see what a beautiful change the
French doors made from the old high up, rectangular window
that was there!

Kitchen Remodel_2014_COTTAGEKATREDESIGNS_KatherineHershey-6
Now looking down the kitchen to what used to be a wall with the
full sized laundry area behind it, you see the new closet built to house
the stack units and the existing hot water heater. I really wanted to put
the HWH  in attic, but Joe and my brother, Clay, who is also a plumber
both thought it best to leave it down rather than up!

Kitchen Remodel_2014_COTTAGEKATREDESIGNS_KatherineHershey-3
Here is the laundry closet the other day before they built the wall to
close off the hot water heater and divide the little area in two. There will
be some small shelves in the corner for detergent, towels, cat food, etc.

Kitchen Remodel_2014_COTTAGEKATREDESIGNS_KatherineHershey-7
Friday, they will prime the walls which now resemble a hunting lodge:)
nice and warm and cozy to a nice, clean white! Crown molding, and then
a larger cap over the doors and window to make the room extra special.
I know Joe wishes I would quit looking in all my binders, with photos
collected over the years of my favorite homes and rooms. Most of them
are white color schemes, I must say… a definite look that I prefer.

Kitchen Remodel_2014_COTTAGEKATREDESIGNS_KatherineHershey-8
After some primer, trim and everything else is finished, the cabinets go
in as well as my beautiful, yet totally impracticable white, honed
marble counters!

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