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Heading out of town…Van Alystyne in Spring

Today was a good day for a drive especially with my new LensBaby!
Purple muscargi thiknking in van alystyne spring time blooms K_H_Robertson_VanAlystyne_and_McKinney-4 K_H_Robertson_VanAlystyne_and_McKinney-5 K_H_Robertson_VanAlystyne_and_McKinney-8 K_H_Robertson_VanAlystyne_and_McKinney-13 K_H_Robertson_VanAlystyne_and_McKinney-17 K_H_Robertson_VanAlystyne_and_McKinney-19 angel watching over me K_H_Robertson_VanAlystyne_and_McKinney-25

The Beach…Oh the Beach!

Oh yes, i got to experience several during my stay in California
in January. What a relief to have missed the ice in Dallas! I think
I am ready for Spring and Summer after this cold winter!

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