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Who doesn’t get excited about beautiful Paper?

Or how can one little city get any better? Well, just find yet another fabulous

little shop in McKinney that’s how! Several weeks ago, after hours, I spotted

a new sign in town. I popped over to peek in the window and was blown away

by what appeared to be another great find in McKinney! The decor,

the printing, the furniture and displays, everything made me want to come

back for a peekwhen open. Last week my designer friend Sandra and I headed

up to check them out! Missing Q Press is the name of the store, and Jason

the owner knows his stuff! What a delightful little place to come shop and visit.

Why, you might just walk away with all kinds of hand printed, fabulous

little books, cards, tags or invitations. Did I mention that they print wonderful

custom invites for weddings, parties, showers, or just about any event you can

think of! Better check to make sure they are open before heading up but

you can for sure find someone there on Fridayor Saturday.

You won’t be disappointed! The Artistic ability of Letterpress!

aah Pinterest…how do I love thee?

My love affair with Pinterest continues to grow~ when i joined after hearing about Pinterest from a gal in an antique store, just about a year ago, I was excited at having about 25 followers the first week or so. Being just a tad bit competitive, I began to spend much time, won’t say how much, searching for photos that maybe were different and not easily found unless hunting for them on other tumblr accounts or blogs… thus my competitive streak took over and I have built boards that I hope are clutter free and interesting. The past few weeks I have been watching and waiting as I saw my boards reaching near 2500 pinners! And last night after I finally went to bed at 2 am, it looks like I hit the mark! Enjoy…

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Milk and Honey fun photo shoot

Interior Design is one of my favorite things as well as clothes
and what could be a better combination than a really, great store
with both! I had the opportunity to shoot this fun store on Henderson
this past week and here is a preview!

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I’ve WON for 2016 Best Photographer

Remodeling and Home Design

Katherine Hershey in Richardson, TX on Houzz


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