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The Light That Shines… A story for all

Since August, I have been waiting to see this video based on Jill’s story of
breast cancer, by Sue Byrce and Hailey Bartholomew. The past 3 days, I have
been glued to the computer on Creative Live, watching and waiting to see
the fruition of Sue’s vision for Jills story, shot in Paris by Hailey Bartholomew…
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Jasmine’s Bridal…

I finally decided to start entering competition at my photo meeting,
the Dallas Professional Photographers Association, which meets once
a month. I’ve entered a few times randomly over the years but never
got even a second place. So, I decided to toughen up a little and
try again no matter what! The first one in November, earned a
second place in weddings with a 412 score. This month I submitted
another wedding image and won 1st with 384. My images are a little
less than “traditional” so they really have to be pretty perfect
to earn a ribbon. I’m tryin’ to behave and guess this year will
be my year to try a little harder every month!

Claire and Matt Married In Austin

Claire and Matt, albeit with a torn achilles tendon,
tied the knot on Dec 15 at Fiesta Gardens in Austin!
Great weather, tons of out of town family and beautiful
surroundings made for a festive day! Thought I would
share some of my favorite shots from the day with a little
of a 1970’s twist! Enjoy!

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I’ve WON for 2016 Best Photographer

Remodeling and Home Design

Katherine Hershey in Richardson, TX on Houzz


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  • My son and Daughter in Law asked me to go on their Spring Break trip and what an adventure we had! We stayed 2... 4 days ago

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KitKat's photos