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My Photo friend is moving away…

Yes, in a few weeks, my dear friend Deborah Vaia
and her husband are moving home to California.
I was trying to find all of my images of her that
I promised months ago to burn a dvd and came across
one of my favorite shoots we did together. So, in
my mourning mood, I decided to edit this image. Deborah
was a sport and modeled my antique blouse, and a long
brown velvet tablecloth made into a skirt with her
Dior shoes and tulle on top of a vintage hat!
We had so much fun and I ended up with a boat load
of great images. I don’t know anyone with the same passion
for Fashion photography as Deborah, and we had so many
shoots together over the past few years shooting aspiring
models to our hearts content. We met in Charlie Freeman’s
fashion photo class the last semester he was alive.
So much was learned that semester, probably the most influential
class i have taken thus far. Deborah and I began collaborating
on shoots from then on and I will surely miss her being here
in Dallas! The next two weeks will be hard knowing she is soon
to move, but hopefully we can get into just as much trouble
in California once she gets settled. Love you Deborah!

Iphone week in review…photo wise that is

White Rock Lake, driving in Dallas when the crackles hit the
telephone lines, McKinney-dinner at Square Burger with
Sandra after Fringe The Event Thursday night preview…
Saturday back to check out a few houses, EAT at Spoons, and
then to visit my favorite angel in town… plus a few from
last week at Patina Green and Smitten and Chase Hall…
all with my iphone!
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Patina Green
Good Look
Chase Hall
Spoons Cafe
Square Burger
Fringe The Event

FRINGE the Event This weekend!

Check out all the new finds at Fringe
Friday and Saturday 9-6. Chase Hall has joined in the fun
so stop by and say hi to Terri! No, Norton won’t be there!
check out my boards on Pinterest and see my McKinney page as well!
Chase Hall

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