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Welcoming in 2012!

Off to McKinney I went late today, and found
a few Christmas items on sale that of course,
I couldn’t resist! Patina Green, Smitten Flea,
Homepieces just to name a few that have great 50%
off sales on! I may just have to go again tomorrow
to see what I missed! Be sure to check their hours…

PS. all of these images were shot with my new iphone 4s!
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My Christmas…

Mr.Horse steals the show!

After working on my photo clubs Christmas party, Dickens in Dallas,

I decided to use a little idea from my tables there at home. Using old

books as risers, I don’t have enough Victorian or Dickens style cottages

so I pulled Mr. Horse into action! He loves being the center of attention

and so there he sits on my dining room table, waiting for company tomorrow!

Merry Christmas Everyone!~

There’s a New Kid in Town!

Yep, there’s still more to do in McKinney! More
shops, more antiques, more re purposed, more
necessities! OF Course! Treasure Spotters is the newest
gig in town, the 1st weekend of the month, even though
last weekend was the premiere! Chase Hall, Smitten Flea
and Homepieces had a fun open house last Sunday with a
great turnout in spite of the rainy, miserable day! Only
truly dedicated antiquarians and McKinni-ians would get out
in that rain!

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I’ve WON for 2016 Best Photographer

Remodeling and Home Design

Katherine Hershey in Richardson, TX on Houzz


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