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There’s just TOO much Prettiness going on in McKinney!

Yep, just about anywhere you go on the Square in
McKinney, it is total overload of beauty, sparkle,
festive glitz! Dickens on the Square was
a huge success and goes thru Sunday I believe…
You would think i have better things to do than to hang
out in McKinney two days in a row! Guess not…Yesterday
I met Waverly up there to pick up a couple of mirrors I
found for a house I am helping her Dad redo and so she went
up to pick them up and I met her there to show her the
ropes! Boy did we have fun, going into all of my fav’s
and meeting all my friends at the shops!
So today, she headed back up to pick up a few chairs she
found yesterday and brought her friend Emily as well.
So, off to McKinney I go again, to show them yet more
greatness and beauty and then on to Spoons Garage to
have a taste of my favorite potato soup! I have to say,
we did some damage there in McKinney… maybe you should
too! I still have more images to post but need to stop
for dinner so check back later to see what else we spotted
along the way! More on Gray Living, Smitten, Homepieces…

Dickens on the Square-where else? McKinney!

Head out to McKinney in the morning, and you will find the
square covered in things to do for kids of all ages! Ton’s of
rides, and entertainment for the little ones and of course
all of my favorite shops are ready to help you with ideas
for gifts! You will see ton’s of glitter, vintage ornaments
and all kinds of unique, non mall type items! The old
lumberyard on the other side of Hwy 5 also has a great flea
market on Saturday as well. Even my friend Vince is there from
Princeton and some items from his great shop GoodLook.
Stop in at Patina Green for a great organic salad or sandwich
and a few chocolates as well as the best iced tea! Grab some of
Robert’s great salsa to take home!
I may even have to go again as there was just too much to see!

How not to Shop at the Mall on Black Friday…

Head to downtown McKinney and visit FRINGE the event, and Vincent at
his shop GoodLook set up at Old Lumberyard and Antique and Junk sale!
And yes, Fringe is open again since so much is happening
in Downtown McKinney this weekend, why it might even be Dicken’s
on the Square weekend as well!
Old Lumberyard Antiques and Junk Sale
Fringe The Event
The Smitten Flea
Patina Green

Nancy Crosses the Border!~

Ok, not that border, the Oklahoma border! We went up to see
my friends, Lee and Don, who have a great, huge booth in
Canton every 1st monday. I have known them since I had my
booth for 5 years where I sold some of my line, Sir Alec.
What a great spread they have just over the border near Marietta
and Lake Murray. It made for a fun day to get out and see some
new country and eat some good home cooking, thanks to the church
ladies and Volunteer Fire Department women!

my chat with Vincent…GoodLook

O.K. Sandra, sorry to tantalize you with what you missed…
we were going to go check out Vincent’s store, GoodLook, in
Princeton, when she had to cancel our trip! Already in the
mood to head up to Princeton, I decided to go anyway…
plus I had called the day before to make sure he was
open so I knew he might be expectiong us! Never to disappoint,
this is one of my new favorite stores, even though it is not
in my favorite little place on earth! Coming soon, more
holiday decorations so stop in and visit this great shop
Urban Crust

How bout d’em Cowboys? No, not those cowboys… real Ft. Worth cowboys!

Several weeks the Plano and Dallas Photo Clubs met at the Stockyards
for a shoot out! No, not that kind, but a scavenger hunt, photo
scavenger hunt! 5 assigned images to capture, but who can only shoot
five, when there is so much going on? Hats, real hats, cowboys, real
cowboys… and of course, horses! and a baby reindeer…
Red Steagall events
Ft Worth Stockyards
Joe T Garcia’s restaurant

Christmas is in the Air~

Pretty soon, everyone will be decked out in their Holiday
finest! I stopped in last week several times to The Smitten Flea
snapping a few i phone photos, and they are in full swing for Christmas!
Chase Hall was closed by the time I got there on Saturday but
Patina Green and My Favorite Room were open and both let me
snap some photos for my blog viewers! Can’t wait to see what all
they come up with this week! Will also have to pop in to Good Look
in Princeton to see Vincent’s holiday makeover!
Patina Green
The Smitten Flea
Good Look

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