The Farm – where time stood still

I guess it was around the year 2000. Paul and Kelly
walked into my real estate office in Frisco where I
worked. They had moved from California to be near family
and wanted to now buy a house. They had been living for
5 months on a farm of a family friend. The farm is on a
piece of land that had been in the same family for 150
years which I believe is fairly rare around here.
The farm was also in the family of a friend of mine from
high school and after we chatted, we found out that Paul
and I were also in the same high school maybe just a
year apart! What a coincindence- after just walking into
just one of many Real estate companies in Frisco! So they
lived here since then, I also sold another home for them a
few years ago that Paul grew up in and at that point, I was
heavily into my photography. Kelly and I talked often of me
coming out to the farm for a photo shoot, bring a model, etc
Whenever we planned it, the rains came and made it just too
muddy to try. So now that they again are moving only this time
back to California to be near their daughter who moved back after
high school and now has babies… well you get the story.
So right down to the wire, I headed out on Sunday just as the
trailer came to pick up the horses. I got to shoot a little of
them and then went into the house where time stood still…


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