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Bloggers in Heaven???

I guess blogging is about the best free advertising one could
hope for! Especially when you get 45 lovers of Shabby Chic, dying
to meet Rachel Ashwell, clustered in one location with lunch
catered by Royers Cafe along with chocolate chip pie and Amy’s ice
cream for desert, my oh my! Bud told the story
of how he met the ladies from Dwell with Dignity at his cafe one day
and decided right then and there to promote their vision and ask
a bunch of crazy bloggers to spread the word with a luncheon
and chance to meet Rachel at the Prairie! Hence, Kelley from the
Hidden List blog to pull it all together and well, the rest is history!

Dwell with Dignity was feature on the Nate Show and from that exposure
other cities are hoping to start DWD in their own towns. Helping to
re-design some needy homes, it gets people back on their feet when
they need so much that we take for granted. Donations are coming in
from some pretty major sources so it looks like they are on their way
to something big!

Royers certainly doesn’t need any recognition since he is well established
in Round Top, except that oh yes, he does have a new coffee spot there on
the square in Round Top ….. And Rachel’s place open less than a
year is already a big hit with b&b’ers, film types doing shoots, and small
events…well it just may be hard to secure a room there!
I was fortunate to stay back in June and had the pleasure of being able to
tour all of the cottages and snap a million photos! All I can say, is what
a perfectly shabby yet CHIC place this is, so peaceful and serene, I can
hardly wait to go again. So, what a perfect meshing of talent to pull
this luncheon all together!

Another fun thing in the day was meeting as many of the bloggers as you
could and running into some that you knew 12 years ago or more,(KK and her
b&b called the lazy T)with whom you had lost touch! and also meeting
new friends you’ve read about in magazines(vintage trailer restoration)It was just a great day full of inspiration!

It makes for a highlight of one’s year, whew! and then having Rachel give
you a personally guided tour of the Prairie where each room is better than
the next!

What more could you ask for this September 27th day???

Royers Cafe
The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell
The Hidden List
Patina Green
The LazyT

Coming next time, a story about the gifts in our gift bags!

the love of my Daddy’s life…Geri

This is the day that my step mom passed away after a heart
attack last year. We knew we had to say good bye on Sunday
and Tues she was gone. She was the love of our daddy’s life and a
great step mom to us grown kids, never having children of her own,
we were all she had. Daddy has been gone since 1987 so we have
taken care of her since then. This morning I decided to go out and
cut a few flowers to put in my vintage bottle collection on my kitchen
windowsill. I reached for her cutting scissors instinctively, before
remembering that today was one year … maybe she is watching and nudged
me to reach for her favorite clippers which I seldom think to grab,
usually just breaking off a flower or 2…

Unforgetable…that was my day at The Prairie

I don’t know what it is about Round Top and the whole antiques week
experience… it just seems to draw you in, making attending each
time, a must do, no questions asked! Just go. For whatever reason.
As one of the bloggers said at my table, “I would give anything
to move to Round Top!” I know exactly how she feels, as I often think
the same thing – then glancing at real estate for sale…

Maybe it’s getting older? and ready for a change, a great
place to retire to??? or maybe it’s just the feel of Round Top
as you drive through the hills, around the little square
which is not really square at all… past Royers Cafe and all of the
other little shops around the circle leading out to other areas
around Round Top, down Hwy 1457, 458 or 1291. Or maybe it is the German
settlers and others who built the log cabins, the stone homes,
and the trees, the rolling hills, the neat and tidiness of the
whole place. I don’t know if there is another place on earth quite
like it. But whatever it is, it draws you in to where you must go back
time and time again.
The Hidden List
The Prairie
Dwell with Dignity
Royers Cafe
the tattered style
more to come…for a very special day not to be forgotten!

The Prairie ,HGTV, Rachel Ashwell, Royers Cafe…

What more could a little ole person like me want! Oh My –

We are really going to be spoiled after our special bloggers (VIB)
luncheon on Monday at The Prairie… soon approaching! Can’t wait!
We just found out that HGTV is sending a STAR to be there as well,
and it just might be Emily Henderson, also a junk lover!
Also heard that Junk Gypsies will be on HGTV with a new show
soon, so the HGTV lounge is right outside of their booth in
ZAPP HALL! Stop by for a visit or better yet, come to the
vintage prom dress and cowboy boot night for the dance
Thursday September 29th! Can’t wait~! Junk-O-Rama Prom!
Royers Cafe
The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell
The Hidden List
Junk Gypsies
Zapp Hall
Nate Burkus Show
Dwell with Dignity

The Farm – where time stood still

I guess it was around the year 2000. Paul and Kelly
walked into my real estate office in Frisco where I
worked. They had moved from California to be near family
and wanted to now buy a house. They had been living for
5 months on a farm of a family friend. The farm is on a
piece of land that had been in the same family for 150
years which I believe is fairly rare around here.
The farm was also in the family of a friend of mine from
high school and after we chatted, we found out that Paul
and I were also in the same high school maybe just a
year apart! What a coincindence- after just walking into
just one of many Real estate companies in Frisco! So they
lived here since then, I also sold another home for them a
few years ago that Paul grew up in and at that point, I was
heavily into my photography. Kelly and I talked often of me
coming out to the farm for a photo shoot, bring a model, etc
Whenever we planned it, the rains came and made it just too
muddy to try. So now that they again are moving only this time
back to California to be near their daughter who moved back after
high school and now has babies… well you get the story.
So right down to the wire, I headed out on Sunday just as the
trailer came to pick up the horses. I got to shoot a little of
them and then went into the house where time stood still…

A Hop, Skip and Jump over to Princeton!

this has been a busy weekend for shoppers all around!
From Fringe the Event, to the McKinney 3rd weekend flea
market, which sadly, I have never been to, to the Lumberyard
sale across from Fringe… and then a venture out to see
Vincent’s new store in Princeton… and we still have Sunday
to see what comes our way!
spoons cafe

Fringe the event and the old Lumberyard sales this weekend!

Fringe the Event starts up again today! I got to run by yesterday
and snap a few photos to show you all the goodies they have in
store for you! Loaded with neat finds this time, so stop in
especially since the weather is so nice, it makes a great day
to browse and shop at the Lumberyard across the street as well!
Then you can head over to the square for a delicious sandwich
and salad at Patina Green!

Fringe the Event
Patina Green
UniqueUnique Designs
The Lumberyard Sale
Good Look

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