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Too Much Honey… what to do , what to do?

My friends, Nancy and Dennie, started raising honey bee’s
last year and their 2nd year, they doubled their yield!
So, Nancy is selling her honey straight from Fairview
a 1# jar for $8.00. Fresh, unfiltered and RAW -delicious
honey! Great for your health since it is local!
The bee’s feast on magnolia flowers and all the wild flowers
they can find on the 25 acre spread! Really heavy and
flavorful… you’ll have to try some!
let me know if you would like a jar or two and i can deliver
or mail it to you. 5.20 shipping for one jar and multiples a
tiny bit more. Paypal invoice will be sent and no charge for
delivery if it is closeby! call or email me and we will figure
it out!

Santa Fe to be continued…

so many photos from my week in Santa Fe! next
I will show some of the models we shot in
Keith Carters class at Santa Fe Workshops

Santa Fe Workshops

What a wonderful experience Santa Fe Workshops is!
Just got back from 6 days in Santa Fe, studying under
Keith Carter. Had a great time wish I could post all
of my images now but no time… so here is my trip home
stopping along Historic Route 66 plus a few for now
of Santa Fe… highly recommend the school

The Prairie B & B Round Top, Tx

“I must be in Heaven” was my post last week on facebook
upon arriving at The Prairie B & B in Round Top close
to Shelby, Tx. I can’t even describe how fabulous
Rachel Ashwells place is there so hopefully these
photos will give some idea of what a great place this is
to visit, hopefully for more than just the one night
i had there. Now i am in Santa Fe, getting ready to
go to the photo workshop with Keith Carter, so as
jumbled up as these photos are, I decided to go ahead
and post until i have more time to organize them by

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KitKat's photos

KitKat's photos