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Fringe in McKinney, the place to be this weekend!

Historic Downtown Plano

After checking out the Scholorship winners gallery
show at Collin College with my friends and former
classmates, we all went to dinner at BJ’s. Afterwards,
Deborah and I decided to go check out a place in
the downtown Plano. At first we were going to
Urban Crust where I love their pizza for lunch with
soup or salad… my favorite, but we were checking
out deserts… the upstairs open patio on the 3rd
floor was just too warm with the weather so we headed
down the street to the newish Zanata, and right up
to see if they had a patio deck. They did, and it
was really a great place. We ended up at the bar and
had a nice raspberry sorbet. Since I had my camera
I asked the bartender if he would mind if I snapped
a few for my blog! Can’t wait to go back and check
out the food, pizza looked like a speciality there
as well!

What on Earth is wrong with Ashley?

I did it. I said I wouldn’t. But I did. Again. And now i am hooked on the
Bachelorette, again. I can’t believe it especially
since Ashley is so determined to fall for such a looser as Bentley.
Why is it that women continually fall for the worst possible person
for them, obviously a creep, she knew in advance that he was
not there for the right reason. Why is it that women are always
attracted to the ones we know will hurt us? What makes us so
insecure that we have no self confidence to stand up and
wait for someone great to come along? Oh well, guess I
will see what happens next week in Phuket, Thailand, at
least we will have some beautiful scenery to view!
My actress friend Elfriede and I had lunch Friday as
we do most weeks, at Hillstone (Houston’s) and in
my book she and our waiter, Ryan, who just as well could
be one of the bachelors are tops in my book!
After lunch Elfriede ran into an old actress friend,
Janice Garner, in from LA I believe, and I of course
had to snap a few photos of them! That topped off my
day at Hillstone, other than sitting next to Troy Aikman…
well, that’s a story for another day!

Lunch at Spoons Garage, Tea at Patina Green and popping in a few other favorites!

A nice way to spend part of my Wednesday, Rex wanted me to check out a
chair for his home “next time I am in McKinney” which is often, so, as I had
planned on going today for lunch, I made the trek to my favorite place
on Earth!

Patina Green

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