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Shooting and Driving at the same time???

I know we can no longer text and drive but what about
shooting out the window while driving??? On my way home
from Mineola on Tues., I was surrounded by storm
clouds hovering all over Nt Texas. Tornados everywhere,
but not as bad as yesterday’s hit…

So today, after checking in on my clients moving from
McKinney’s Historic District to Mineola, i stopped in
at Patina Green for my favorite iced tea. I remembered
a mirror I had seen a few weeks back in Van Alstyne,
so after calling to make sure they were open, I hit the
road a few (15) miles on up the road! I think Dallasites
are discovering this great shop, Summit Mercantile full
of large pieces, re-purposed items, chandeliers, and all
kinds of one of a kind furnishings that no one else will
dare have! I even got to chat with Amelia for a while
as Cheryl was visiting with a few customers. Certainly
worth the drive, go check them out! open Wed- Sat

Summit Mercantile
Patina Green

Beautiful Bathroom’s

I realized today while having lunch with Nancy at Patina
Green, that I had forgotten to snap a few photos of
their beautiful bathroom for my last post! Sounds a
little strange, but I love beautiful bath’s. So, I rummaged
around my computer to see how many other baths I could
find to prove my point! Here are just a few so far…
patina green
plum creek primitives
gray living

What happens after a shop owner goes to Round Top???

they have a big opening to unveil all of their great finds!
Patina Green did just that from last weeks trip to Round Top
during Art Fest in downtown McKinney on Saturday! What a crowd they
brought in as Nancy and I went in to see and eat! The delicious sandwich
and salad made us want to come again really soon for lunch!

After the lunch we made our way to of course, Chase Hall to see how
Norton was faring, and then next door to Unique Unique where i found
my arched window for my kitchen. Before heading out of town, we stopped
in at the new location for My Favorite Room, and I asked to take photos
of course! Oh and I forgot, our first stop was Smitten where Nancy
found a few bee items!
Patina Green

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