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Harbour Island Bahamas

Addicted to my IPHONE

having fun with my iphone apps! maybe a little
too much fun!

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Snowed in Super Bowl week

I usually make a bunch of pumpkin pies around Christmas
but this year, I burned my last pumpkin left from
Thanksgiving while steaming them to scoop out from
the rind. So, no pumpkin pies for the Holidays this year!
A few weeks ago while driving up the alley, my
neighbor had just put out his uncut pumpkin from Halloween.
Still in good condition, I scooped it up and ran home!
Since we have been in a winter storm this week, with
so much ice the roads are impossible, I have been
sequestered in the house for the past 3 days!
So, no better time than to finally cook the pumpkin,
freeze the extra and make a pie or cake or two!
I used my friend Rebecca’s moms recipe that i have
had for years for the cake and added a handful or so
of chocolate chips! Enjoying cooking a whole lot more
in my new kitchen, so of course i had to turn the
cake into a photo shoot to show off a few details
of my new kitchen, still a work in progress!

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I’ve WON for 2016 Best Photographer

Remodeling and Home Design

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