Morning Window

December 13th we started the demolition on my 1970’s kitchen
far too long in need of updating… the wrecking ball came that
day and now, almost finished, it is really beautiful!
One day after my contractor Rex and I went shopping for
appliances, I headed over to the Sears outlet store.
Maybe it was the Lord leading me or a little birdie told me to
stop in that day I don’t know, but there it was, just what i
was looking for! There i found my beautiful Kitchen Aid Gas slide
in range and a Sears Pro built in oven. Between the two, with no
noticeable damage on either, I saved around 1800.00 off of retail.
Our kitchen window was to be enlarged as that was one item I
really wanted, a larger window to let more light in, plus design wise,
I just thought it would be more updated and better looking. One day
I decided that an arched window, like i have seen in old, more historic
type homes, in fact would look even better! After looking at new
arched windows in vinyl, I decided to just settle on a nice rectangular
window since the new arced ones just didn’t come close to what
I had envisioned. A few weeks later I had to go see a clients home in
McKinney, and stopped in at a new design, antique store, which i had
also visited a few weeks prior with my friend Nancy, which the story
was part of my last post. Again, something led me to stop in that day
to see what was new in Unique Unique interiors, part of
the new Gather event venue. Once inside, I spotted two, old arched
windows sitting on the table. Knowing that my opening was already settled
on and the ground work had already been done by Ramon and V.,
the one there seemed too large for my 41 inch opening. Mayron
offered me a tape measure and wouldn’t you know, the window
was EXACTLY 41 inches across! She was so kind and let me take
it home to see how it looked and to make sure it was right for the
space. Well, of course it was and on Friday the beautiful arched
window was permanently installed in it’s new home! (for those
interested in how I achieved the look of this photo,
I downloaded a bunch of apps for my iphone last week
and have had lot’s of fun altering otherwise decent photos!)


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