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The Ditzy Blonde

The moment Geri walked into my fathers office, he was
smitten. Their lives would never be the same. Love at
first sight, true soul mates. They would have about 12
years together before Daddy succumbed to lung cancer.
Having no children of her own, Geri took us in as if we were
her own. Always remembering our birthdays and holidays,
gift giving was a joy to her. Since Daddy died in 1987 we
have been all she had for the past 34 years. No family left
and with no children, it fell upon us to care for her, especially
the last 10 years or so. And so now, those days are over,
for me , the last of my 5 parents to bury, between in laws
and parents…

Geraldine Ione Bloomer Hershey
July 21, 1921 – September 28, 2010

Viewing Sunday October 3 12-3

Sparkman Hillcrest Funeral Home

NW Hwy Dallas

Guess what’s coming soon…

No, it’s not the Naked Man show… it is however the
Great State Fair of Texas, next to the Historic downtown
McKinney, the fair grounds are just about my next favorite
place to go in Dallas! So much history and Art Deco architecture
it is fun to drive through the fair grounds when the fair is
not going on and you can get close and snap photos without
all the signage disrupting the buildings, So, here are just a
few for this year, so much to shoot at the fair, I usually go
several times during the 3 weeks to try and capture it all!
You’d be surprised at all the different places there are to
shoot besides the Midway… go check it out! Sept 24-Oct 17

How many stops can 2 people make in East Texas?

after Kilgore, lunch in Kilgore, Edom via Tyler, stops in Edom like pie from
the Shed, then on to Ben Wheeler where there was lot’s of activity at
the saloon! then on to Canton, even though it is not 1st Monday, we
managed to spot a few places from my past to photograph! oh, then
the back road through Edgewood and a viewing of the historic village
there, and finally… dinner in Terrell at my favorite mexican
restaurant, El Nogalito, which used to be in the Dominguez chain!
Whew~ I’m pooped! 8:30-10 pm what an adventure for miss Nancy,
not Tuscany like she hoped for but maybe an eye opener that there
is lot’s to see in ole Texas!

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