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East Texas Road Trip~

off to Judy Hill’s yard and house sale with 5 other vendors, Nancy
and I headed out for the twice yearly sale! I used to have a booth
right next to Judy in Canton when we manufactured Sir Alec
childrens clothes, so after reading about her home on so many blogs,
i put her down on my calender months ago to check out!

willow nest farm
judy hill antiques
garden antique vintage
ethels treasures
seed box

event1013 ready to open…

weddings or wedding receptions, events, photo locations for film,
business meetings, quick breakfast pickup, just about anything
where you need a space large enough to hold about 250 people…
think of this great Historic building in downtown Plano! photos of
interior coming soon…

event1013 coming soon

Oil Spill… what oil spill?

It’s sad how the media looks for the negative when it isn’t there
and instead of promoting something, all they want to do is
tell how bad things are! After talking to Tommy Lecroy, from the
Bistro I shot right after Hurricane Ike, it seems that all anyone
was interested in around Galveston, earlier in the summer, was
finding out how bad the beach was due to the oil spill! Well, looking
at the beach and these photos it appears that Texas may have
been spared. But the damage is already done, as people are having
their last flings of summer fun, and the tourist industry suffers, as do
the individuals who have spent the last 2 years rebuilding Galveston
and the coast…

A glutton for Punishment…

I don’t know what got into me at the last photo meeting,
Plano Photography Club. This normally, very shy, quiet
person actually volunteered to be a speaker at one of the
monthly meetings. It has been 2 years since Hurricane Ike
hit the Texas shores and I have always wanted to show
my photos taken one month after…So, little ole me decided to
raise my hand so to speak and offer to show my photos and
believe me, I am not a public speaker … oh well,
off tomorrow to Galveston, Kemah, Seabrook and Clearlake to
see what has changed since my last trip there, 2 years ago!
I’ll let you know when I return this weekend

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