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Adobe.Art.Mountains and flowers…

Just got home from Albuquerque and Taos with a few side trips
along the way! How nice to be in 62-87 degree weather in the
middle of the summer! A nice change from our Texas heat…

Albuquerque taken on the Crest of the mountain, 10,000 + ft up,
then to Truchas and the high road to Taos was such a treat, finding
these galleries and of course a few portraits along the way!
Last are a few in Taos of the adobe shops and beautiful flowers…
can’t wait til next summer!

Headin’ out of town…

My sisters and I are heading out to visit cousins and Aunt in
Albuquerque! Hope it is cooler than our 100+… also going to Taos
never been so looking forward to more photos… a few photos from
last years trip
see you in about a week~

Carolyn Westbrook’s new Retail location

My friend Carolyn Westbrook, called the other day to tell me she
opened a temporary retail location on Bonita, just off Knox and
Henderson, it is right next door to Pandemonium, the vintage clothing
shop and Again & Again – vintage and antique furniture, rehabbed! What
a great location, and also down from Emeralds to Coconuts one of my
favorites! So, drop in to see her great new shop! Tues – Sat’s…

It happens in the movies…

It was way past time for new tile and coping around the old pool…
so we finally bit the bullet and had the pool updated

on day 3, the delivery truck came up our steep alley to deliver
the stone that would go around the pool. The two drivers exited
the truck to come into the yard, while there the truck began
it’s descent down the alley, unmanned! Sadly, the neighbor
next doors’ daughter was waiting patiently behind the
delivery truck to see if they would move. She saw the truck
approaching the front of her car! So, she began to quickly honk
and back up… while all of this was happening, the neighbors 2
doors down had witnessed the struggle of the huge yellow
truck up and around the curve at the end of the alley…
Mrs. suggested to her husband that he move their car out
of the alley parking spot they have… only a little late, he
was turning his car around in the other neighbors drive way to
make his descent back down and around the curve, when the
girl next door, who had since pulled in, rammed into the front of
his car while she was quickly backing up to avoid the huge truck!
unfortunately, they were all in the way… and so the big yellow
truck ran into the teenagers car, who ran into the neighbors car
and the truck also ended up across the alley, running over the
gas meter of yet another neighbor and then into their carport
and a parked Lexus! Whew! who would have known so much
activity can go on in an alley! Sounds like a movie to me!
anyway, all this time, I was inside, diligently working away
at my computer, and heard nothing but the jack hammer
of the pool workers! Around 11, i was dressed and ready to
get my car out of the garage, and opened the garage door
to ask the pool boss if he would move his truck so i could
leave… no one thought i was home, how embarrassing… as i
looked down the alley and saw the mom next door, home now
from work, a policeman, the first tow truck leaving and a
larger one arriving to pull the delivery truck off of the car
and gas meter! Out front were 3 lone star gas trucks, a firetruck
and of course the policeman! In a hurry, I had no time to stop
and “chat” much less take photos! Why i never heard the
firetrucks and police cars is a mystery to me! at least all the
neighbors were home and able to snap a few photos. So,
thanks to our newish pool, 3 neighbors have had to deal with
insurance, rentals and new cars… all in thanks to my new pool!

Round Trip to Houston in a Day… say it ain’t so???

Sandra needed to run to Houston to pick up a purchase for
a client so she asked if I would like to drive down for the day!
So, off we went, hurricane rain and all off to Houston!
What fun we had, running, jumping through puddles,
hurdled under umbrella’s and rain coats to get to all of her
favorite stops! My absolute favorite was Neal and Co. on
Greenbriar! What a treat to see such a beautiful and
refreshing shop! I asked Stacy if I could snap a few photos
for my blog, since I knew you would all be wondering
just what we found in Houston! So, here are a few photos
of the lovely interior. Stop by if you are in the area as
owner Cindy is in Europe now swooping up some new finds!
a few other spots we visited were the gray door,
kimberly Williams, and Watkins Culver. Lunch was great at Ruggles in Rice Village!

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