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W.T. White 40th Reunion

a few quick highlights from last nights party at the
Frontiers of Flight Museum with the NOVA’S playing!

When you think about it, our classmates came from some rather
note worthy families in Dallas…Richard Knox-Knox Oil, Frank
Pillsbury-Pillsbury Motors(boats), Debbie Hathaway-Hathaway Furniture,
Gary Jacobs-writer in LA, Kathleen Tolbert-Tolbert’s Texas and her
dad started the Terlingua Chili Cook-off and was a writer for the
papers… the list goes on. Everyone, give me some more info!
will post more later…

Boy am I OLD! W.T. White reunion this weekend…

not saying which year though… but maybe my little business
card i made up for the event will give just a hint!

Zak’s day out with Pretty Toes…

Zak and I had a nice time in the pool today,he loves
to swim and just hang out!

White Rock Organic Market

Last Saturday was the monthly meeting near White Rock
of all the vendors, farmers and producers of organic, raw
and anything related type items! Been trying to get up
and over there since it started about a year ago and finally
got myself up and out the door to check it out! will write more
later about the vendors so here is a taste 🙂 for now!

What do Athens and Burton have in common?

Several months ago, during the height of the bluebonnet season, I
made a trip down to Burton, right outside of Brenham, to check out
a property or should I say, a Compound for sale! Willow Nest Farm,
is a delight and wonderful B&B owned by a couple who moved here
a few years ago from the West coast to be near Round Top and all the
antique fairs around. Now, it is up for sale as they have little time
to visit family and grandkids. There are about 4 or 5 buildings, a
B&B, an organic garden and potting shed, a metal/workshop building
and a store! a link to their site is Willow Nest Farm in case you
want to check it out! When I read on another blog last week that
Linda from WillowNest was going to be showing her wares at a shop in
Athens, I told my friend Sandra, “We must go see Linda!” So off  to
Athens we went on Saturday and to the East Texas town of Athens and a
delightful antique mall named Winnie and Tululas with Sweet Peas next door…

Athens and Burton, Texas

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Memorial Day 2010

Every year, Restland Memorial Park hosts a ceremony for veterans of all the
wars and survivors. Every year I plan to attend, but something seems to
always come up, I heard the fly over at 12:30 here at my home, since we
are not far away. On the corner across from the cemetery is a hill where
they place a flag for each life lost in the Iraqi wars and as you can see
it is quite moving. I also noticed this huge, beautiful sculpture when
leaving and had to go see what it was a tribute to and it turns out
it is for the fallen Fire and Police officers in Dallas…

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