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One Dress … Two Extremes!

Finally, after about a year of trying to shoot in this location, Wave
and I had the chance to dress up in my vintage prom dresses and
Emily wore my newest, mauve one! It has lot’s of sparkle!
My friend Deborah from my fashion class last semester helped
me with the shoot and then we headed over to her place
to shoot another gal,Alexa, who is a former client of hers! Both
locations had the same dress so it was fun to see what we
came up with! I love vintage clothes and coming up with fun
things to do with them and different locations… this one is
top secret!

Texas School … simply amazing

Texas School is over, but not the memories!
At the closing seminar this morning after receiving lots of door
prizes by many in the audience, Arthur Rainville, gave a story about
never giving up! He played a tear jerker video, and not a dry eye was
in the house! He ended his story with the advice to “Simply Amaze”,
and since we are all so passionate about our craft, I think it was a
great end to a wonderful week!

My Precious Angel came home

After traveling around Thailand, Cambodia, Viet Nam, and Laos
for the past 5 months, my youngest son Graham called and
said he was coming home! Yeah! They were making the way
back to Texas via Oregon, California, the Grand Canyon
and Yosemite and after hitting Albuquerque, he wanted to
fly home. So, at midnight I picked him up at the airport. A safe
trip home, so I am blessed beyond words and thankful to God
for watching over him on this long journey…

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