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bebe Chloe

Last week i had the chance to photograph a precious, 2 month old baby at
her grannies house in Frisco. What fun we had dressing this little one
in lot’s of different outfits! Here is one quick photo i couldn’t resist
turning into a piece of art, as i have been busy and a little delinquent
finishing up their photos, as i have been shooting this week for
the Dallas International Film Festival. Not sure if folks like to see
their kids turned into art or not, but she sure looks pretty! Deanna
and I hit it off as we both collect so many of the same things! It was
tons of fun, and i look forward to watching little Chloe grow!

How Lucky can one Girl Be? Pretty lucky I’d say…

Attending the Dallas PPA (professional photographers of america) meeting
that I attend each month, we have lot’s of vendors who give free gifts for
our door prizes! For example, $50.00 printing free from Pounds, Full Color, BWC or WHCC…
and free frames, a gift certificate to an album company, etc. Well, tonight with
Skip Cohen as our guest speaker, we had a few extra really nice giveaways!
They were giving a 500.00 (apx.) scholarship to Texas School which is the first
week of May. Luckily, this year it is right here in Dallas, at the Intercontinental
hotel in Addison!
They drew one number but the gal whose number it was, had already paid for
her place at the workshop. So, they drew another number and can you believe,
it was 735 my number! how lucky is that… guess God was on my side tonight!
So, this semester I have been taking Painter at Collin College and that is one
of the classes at Texas School that still had a few openings. So, decided to sign
up for that to get some more hands on experience painting photographs! what a
blessing this is, Thank you Texas School and Arlington Camera for such a nice
donation and gift to me! Above, is a quick rendition of Evelyn, using a little oil pastel
with a very light touch, just enough to look a little like a painting or pastel!

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