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Ms Emily and the Historic Church

Emily and I have been trying for months to make it over to
this historic church to check it out for a location to shoot
in, before it is remodeled and made new! So, finally last week
we made it over whilst the organ was being disassembled, pipe
by pipe, all 700 pieces or so! So sorry it can’t be restored, but
the church is going to be restored so it was fun to snap a few
“before” photos and a few of Emily as well. I’m looking forward
to shooting Emily in my latest Vintage Prom dress that will look
great with her pretty blonde hair! Keep checking back…

Put those pretty feet back…Spring snow has arrived!

this is what i woke up to this morning…

pretty feet… spring is here!

It’s funny how such a simple little thing can bring a tear to my eye…
While reclining in the chair at the nail salon on Lovers, listening
to soothing Asian music and watching the fellow labor over my abused
feet, i had a dashing thought about Mommy.
I remembered all the times she showed us how to take care of our
cuticles, polish nails, file our nails the right way and so on. I doubt many
girls these days get the training we had back in “those” days…lucky were
we to have our mom at home with us during the day. We learned how to
curl our hair, give a permanant, iron Daddy’s shirts and hankies, and
how to polish our patent leather shoes for Sunday School. Listening to
a rather emotional instrumental song while watching the final coat go on
my toes, I realized i was tearing up. Thinking about how nice it would
be to have Mommy here to talk to or share with, but thankful for all
that she taught us about being “ladies”. Heading down to Houston
tomorrow for FOTOFEST, I realized my neglected toes may need to
make an appearance in sandals, since it is supposed to be near 70 degrees!
So, off to the shop on Lovers for a rare appearance, much to their
dismay! I promised I wouldn’t wait so long next time to come in! The
young man laboring over my feet and hands had a slight frown on
his face when picking up my Red polish bottle. Even the older lady
who assisted gave the same disparaging look to my color choice.
I asked, “do you not like Red?” to which he replied, “It’s old…”
I asked, what is popular now and he said “shocking pink or silver”.
Not being able to see myself with silver nail polish, i replied that
I thought red was classic and also rather “French” looking! So, here
i am with my freshly painted toes and nails ready for Spring, and
ready to hit the roads in Houston… running from gallery to gallery!

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