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Biker Dudes and Bonzo Crunch…

what do biker dudes from San Antonio and Bonzo Crunch have in common?
They all converged on the little city of Blanco this past weekend –
and I was lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time to catch it all!
Oh, how I love a photo opp!

Valentines in McKinney

Peaking in the window of Heirlooms the other day, I spotted this vintage
RED tutu or 1950’s gown slip, and just had to have it~! What a great
prop for a vintage boudoir shot on some lovely gal! Of course, I had
to stop in at Chase Hall as I spotted this fabulous white chair right inside
the front door! Loved the blue backdrop of this antique cabinet full of
black and white dishes and knikknacks ! At home, I added the darling
vintage heart shapped vase I picked up at Heirlooms, a memento of
Graham’s Valentines Birthday! ( great way to justify the purchase 🙂

The Animals are a talking…

Taking down Christmas, as small as it was, means Valentine’s is on it’s
way~ along with Graham’s 18th birthday~ Therefore, I decided to
add a little “pink” to my mantle display this time. I switched out
Angel Girl ( Judy Moore made and found at the CountryPeller show)
for “Miss Sternsey Bear Rabbit”, from Missouri and once featured
on a Halllmark calander… To avoid any rumors of favortism amongest
the dolls, “Miss Dolly” is not even being considered for a post today
or to even be photographed ! Seems she has just gotten a little too much
attention lately ! So, sitting alongside “Proud Mr. Horse”
(Folk Art Museum, Ny City circa 1995) and “Miss Giraffe”
(Judy Moore,San Antonio, Tx. at the Country Peddler show)
I placed Miss Sternsy Rabbit in her finest pink frock !

Sitting here looking at all of these dolls, I thought it was time to introduce
all of my American, hand made dolls, collected over the years. I keep
thinking I am going to start getting rid of some of this clutter, but just look
into their eyes… and I can’t even imagine parting with one! So, it’s time for
everyone, excluding popular Miss Dolly, who has had her 15 min. of fame
for sure, to be introduced properly on my blog! You may also that some
of them are sitting on the finest little chairs as well, of which will be the
context of yet another “collection story”! I guess being the only female
in this family of mine, I somehow had to vent by collecting all these
special friends!

Fashion Gals and Guys in honor of Charlie Freeman…

In honor of Charlie Freeman, here are some of my fashion photos from
the past semester, some taken during our class on Tues nights and
others from my final assignment, Vintage Fashion…

Down with the old…Happy New Year!~

Time to redecorate…

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