I need to vent…thumbs down to AVATAR

Sorry to say, i just wasted 13.00 seeing the movie AVATAR. Everyone has
raved about it… “Oh, it’s about flying in the air… makes you want to fly,
wish you were a bird.” Makes me want to puke! I almost got up and left.
Started with the praising of Mother Earth, self as savior, and moved into
America the Bad, Military the Bad and we are the BAD guy, kill the Military!
Makes me realize just how much money Hollywood has to continually
indoctrinate us and our youth as they have the past 30 years or so making
these movies and now it is so mainstream, we don’t even notice. Really
amazing that James Cameron and all the other moneyed people in Hollywood
and their backers, whomever they may be…continue to blast us with this
brainwashing anti-American dogma. Ont top of that not sure what it was
rated, but showing breasts, killing animals, even though animated, and
“mating” as it was called…so just be forewarned if you take small children.
Even the fighting, shooting, violence may be too intense for a child under
8 years of age or so. From movies such as “Love Actually” to this one
and others, America is continually bashed by Hollywood. I boycotted
for a long time and rarely go to these main stream movies for that
reason along with the actors who spew their venom against America
as well… sorry to be so outspoken, but this just was not at all
what I thought I was going to see… the effects were as they were
intended, beautiful and great in 3D but that alone
does not make a great movie…
I am not alone . . . another review of Avatar


1 Response to “I need to vent…thumbs down to AVATAR”

  1. 1 sandra prater January 3, 2010 at 11:25 pm

    Just glanced through youre december postings…….Love youre blog. OMG this stuff is so addicting. I think I am going to start one.
    I never knew how much fun it would be.

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