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I need to vent…thumbs down to AVATAR

Sorry to say, i just wasted 13.00 seeing the movie AVATAR. Everyone has
raved about it… “Oh, it’s about flying in the air… makes you want to fly,
wish you were a bird.” Makes me want to puke! I almost got up and left.
Started with the praising of Mother Earth, self as savior, and moved into
America the Bad, Military the Bad and we are the BAD guy, kill the Military!
Makes me realize just how much money Hollywood has to continually
indoctrinate us and our youth as they have the past 30 years or so making
these movies and now it is so mainstream, we don’t even notice. Really
amazing that James Cameron and all the other moneyed people in Hollywood
and their backers, whomever they may be…continue to blast us with this
brainwashing anti-American dogma. Ont top of that not sure what it was
rated, but showing breasts, killing animals, even though animated, and
“mating” as it was called…so just be forewarned if you take small children.
Even the fighting, shooting, violence may be too intense for a child under
8 years of age or so. From movies such as “Love Actually” to this one
and others, America is continually bashed by Hollywood. I boycotted
for a long time and rarely go to these main stream movies for that
reason along with the actors who spew their venom against America
as well… sorry to be so outspoken, but this just was not at all
what I thought I was going to see… the effects were as they were
intended, beautiful and great in 3D but that alone
does not make a great movie…
I am not alone . . . another review of Avatar

Charlie Freeman

I was awakened from my sleep…with tears in my eyes…We, the students were
in a room, like at a church where the kitchen and reception room are,
preparing for the Art Institute tribute to Charlie, the day after he passed away.
We were arranging food, and doing everything to get ready for the guests
to come and say good bye and maybe tell a story or two. Just before I awoke,
someone took a vase of old flowers left from another engagement,
and started making a little arrangement of just one variety of flowers,
and then in my dream we were outside similar to CCCC campus and
picking wildflowers, which we then took inside and placed in little frosted
drinking glasses taken from the cabinets. The vases were lined up down
the center of the table, I thought Charlie would agree at how
nice they looked and then I woke up, tears streaming down my face
in my dream… I got up and began to write and saw that it was only
4:00 am…

My heart is broken and is breaking… for Charlie’s wife, family, friends and
Our class came together every Tuesday night from 6-11 since the middle of
August. We became like a family, especially when we worked in Charlie’s
studio which was almost every Tues. There in the kitchen area, around
the table we would start our class, critique, lesson from Charlie for the
evening and as time went on, Jennifer began bringing snacks for all of us
to enjoy. We would take turns shooting the models Charlie had rounded up,
sometimes we had a makeup artist, and others we relied on Maelen
to come ready to be a student and model as well! We would all just
sort of hang out while waiting our turn at the models, either watching
the other student shooting and helping them as well, or roaming around the
studio from kitchen area to seating area like a little living room with coffee
table and photo magazines to paroose. Our class also met a number
of times on campus and at several of those, Charlie put us through some
“acting” techniques to help us learn how to draw things out of our subjects
while snapping away! Most of us were reluctant to be putting our
selves out there and on the line with having to go to the front of
the class to perform! I even declined when asked to
perform but later told Charlie, I was ready and finally tried my hand
at the task he asked. At first, I don’t think we thought much of
this technique or the place of it in Photography of all things!
but as time passed we each one began to see just what Charlie
was up to and that his methods would help to make each one
of us a better photographer. He told us he would challenge
us and push each one of us this semester, and he did.
There was no one like Charlie, he gave so much of himself
to his students, often going out after class to eat and chat,
or his 2nd Sunday meeting at the Flying Fish in Deep Ellum for
students from both schools to meet each other, show our
work or just visit. Charlie was obsessed with hands and the
placement of them, the angle, etc. We learned so much about
lighting, posing, evoking emotion from subjects and telling a
story. Charlie gave us so much, so much of himself, he cared
so much for his students and photography. He told us this
would be his last class at CCCC as he was teaching more
at the Art Institute, and I knew it was really a sacrifice to
be teaching so far from AI and his home. So, I feel so blessed
to have finally made my way to Charlie’s class and to have
known this man. The last night of class when we presented
our portfolio’s we had a pot luck arranged by Jennifer!
Everyone brought a dish or two and we had a really nice
feast and time of looking at each others work. Charlie shook
my hand later that night and encouraged me to go on and
to send him new work, perfecting my “technique” that I
based my final on, over the next 6 months.
So today and Tues we will say good bye to our friend,
Charlie Freeman. His influence will go on in the students
he has taught and their work, but he will be so greatly missed.

Viewing : Sunday December 27 from 2-4
Jeter and Son Funeral Home
4830 W. Illinois Dallas

Funeral :Tues December 29
10:00 am
Lovers Lane United Methodist Church
9200 Inwood Rd at NW Hwy. Dallas

Christmas Snow

Beautiful snow in Dallas for Christmas Eve didn’t stop me from
heading to the 6:00 service! I hope you all had a very,
Merry Christmas!
Watermark Community Church

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December 22

I guess the one good thing about a December birthday , early in the month
is that you get to celebrate it … all month long! Waverly asked me
to lunch, to belatedly celebrate my birthday and of couse i
said, “Yes” ! especially since we were going to La Duni, being one
of each our favorite places to dine! We had a nice lunch and then
they brought us a slice of Tres Leches, the best cake ! with those
2 funky candles since I told the waiter her birthday was the next
day, the 23rd! We then grabbed an innocent bystander in the
front to snap a photo of the two of us, since I usually never
have my photo taken, you can see why!

After we left, I remembered that I had decided to go downtown
to see the windows at Neiman’s. As fate would have it, Santa
was there waiting for me at the front of the store! Not really,
but he was interested as to whether or not i always had my
camera with me, and i said that i had come down just to
take photos! So, i scooted him back by the tree in the
ornament shop and snapped a few of him! He proceeded
back to his station as you can see in the beautiful
decorated store! I am MAD for the chandeliers down
the center of the store with the white shades over them!

I snapped a few of the exterior decor, some kind of interactive window
this year for the kids to climb through and the tree on top of
the little fashion restaurant, full of fabulous photos taken over
the years of stylish women in fashion poses! I snapped those
from the parking garage across the street. As i made my way
home and to drop off a fresh pumpkin pie to a family friend under
hospice care,
I received the phone call . . .


It slips up on me almost every year, seems to mesh in with
Christmas, Waverly’s birthday, shopping and just the busyness
of the holidays. Yesterday, at church, as the band began the
interlude into the last song, I realized it was ” I can only Imagine”
by Mercy Me. When I heard the tune starting up I immediately
thought,” oh it must be close to Dec. 21, the day Mommy
died in 2001, just 2 days before her 77th birthday.
This song had just been released and I thought it would
be a pretty song to play at the funeral, in the small stone
chapel in the woods at Restland. “I can only imagine, what
my eyes will see when Jesus is before me… I can only imagine…”
After her cancer ravaged body finally gave up, she rested…
My dear, sweet mother, who never intended to die any place
other than her small condo behind the pink wall, would
have been appalled at what had happened to her body and
mind, and after years of smoking, it finally caught up with her.
But as fate would have it, she fell ill suddenly, and ended up
in assisted living and then about 7 months later, a nursing
home. I took a blank journal book to the nursing home
for anyone visiting to record a word or two of their
visit, memories or her condition – to record the funny
things she said due to dementia, drugs or cancer, to
record the slow progression of death impending upon
her. Towards the end, I would talk about Jesus and
as I would be leaving, she would say, ” I’ll talk to
Jesus later…” Not sure what that meant or if she
really even had the capability to do so, her words
turned into nods and smiles no longer able to
form the words…When 911 happened, the TV
on, all she could do to comment was nod and shake
her head in disbelief. The end was near, her mind was
not able any longer to form words. My mother raised us
with hope and optimism, a “sky is the limit” mentality
for which i shall always be grateful. She taught us
to be “ladylike” always polite, polished, and thankful
In spite of loosing her mother when she was only 7
she was the best mom a child could have and for
that I will always be blessed and grateful. I love you

Nancy’s Day out… and mine too!

The other day my friend Nancy called to see if I had time
to meet her for lunch… just so happens i was not busy
and needed to deliver some Christmas cards to a client
in McKinney, my favorite place on earth, in case you
didn’t already know…
anyway, Nancy is always fun and lets me snap her photo
to document our outings and today was no exception!
Doing a simple task, such as walking into a new store,
and looking around, for most, would take just a few
minutes. But no , not I , getting into conversation and
finding out all the history of shopkeepers is my forte!
and of course, they usually oblige and i end up with a
mini photo shoot or just a story for my blog. Hopefully
also a little advertising for them as well! so, here are
some of the places we hit on the square!

cafe malaga
209 Downtown

Christmas Cheer

A busy week of designing Christmas cards and now I am finished!
Thought I would post what all I came up with for each different

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