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Inside the Statler Hilton and Lake Cliff Tower

This summer I am working on an independent

study through CCCCD where I attend each
semester and going to learn the old fashioned
way to shoot with sheet film and the 4×5

The beautiful, restored Lake Cliff Towers came to mind
as I am looking for locations that might have a 60’s flair

This lobby may just be a little too pretty and nice
for my 60’s look, but it sure was fun to see and chat with

property manager, Patrick Muscanere, who was so kind

to indulge me with a look around and of course… PHOTOS!

This morning I headed out for downtown and the
old Statler Hilton to check out the light
for a possible photo shoot.

Having attended a lecture several weeks ago
about the Statler
and it’s condition and hope of
restoration,I was quite surprised to
find workers all over
the place doing various clean up on the old building.

The building was sort of open, a fellow asked me if i was

meeting someone there, so i answered no, that i was

just hoping to take a few photos. A little while later
I was
able to snap a few inside the lobby, which was

really a special treat for me!~

Conrad Hilton was so proud of this grand, flagship
hotel, and it’s stairway was known far and wide!

The hotel was opened in 1956, I believe, and was so far
ahead of it’s time when built and so novel in design and features,
that it was a real treat to attend a function there or have
the opportunity to spend a few nights there. Ask Conrad,
he flew stars in such as Jane Mansfield and maybe Marilyn,
it was quite a happenin’ place in the 50-60’s!

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