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More of Miss Deborah

5 locations and about 800 or more photos, so I am a little behind
in processing all of Deborah’s photos! Love the old movie glam of
this one shot!

Not bad for an Old Lady

Being the overly optimistic person that I am, and
one of those people who can’t sit still…
several years ago I had a shop on Ebay and was
buying kids and ladies accessories and hat’s from
my vendor I used in my Sir Alec days, and thought
of course, I will make a FORTUNE selling red hat’s
to the Red Hat society whom I had just heard about…


Well, of course I only sold one or two and have stored
the rest all these years, and yesterday, while cleaning up
my living room/studio to make room for a table to shoot
my assignment on, I unearthed these hats. So, Graham
shot some quick photos of me yesterday so I can put
them on ebay again at a reduced price and hopefully
get rid of them! They are so pretty and really great
quality so I just hate to send them to Goodwill…

I really hate to have my photo taken but was surprised
that I didn’t look too bad in them, so thought for fun, I
would post them here! If you want one, they are 15.00

The Gracious Stoneleigh Hotel

Yesterday, I had a photo shoot with Deborah and we had

so much fun discovering about 5 different locations to
shoot in~! My favorite was the beautiful, remodeled
Stoneleigh Hotel lobby. What a beautiful, elegant place
this is and the manager was so gracious in giving us
the chance to use this wonderful historic landmark
for our afternoon shoot~!

We first shot some industrial locations with Deborah’s

fun little skirt and T shirts~

I Am
On the spur of the moment, we decided to visit
another church
this morning. The topic was on
prayer and towards the end
they ran this film,
and to say it was Powerful, would be

an understatement… check it out for yourself

Karen was there afterwards to
have a chat with the pastor

main site

I love my Holga Camera and my Mamiya and Twin lens and Hassleblad…

Aw shucks, I didn’t win, oh well, here are a few more
from the “Twins” series as well as some others taken this fall
during my experimental class and some just for me~
A family wedding Holga style with best friends…


Main Gait in McKinney equestrian Center for children

PLEASE vote for me!

Hi Faithful blog readers! This is a “self portrait”
I did last semester in school for the subject of “secrets”
The significance of the secret is that I had a twin who
died before birth due to the doctor not taking my mom
serious when she complained of early pain.I never found out about this until I graduated from
high school and an elderly aunt let it slip while visiting the
summer after in Alabama at a family reunion .
It is something I rarely talk about as well… too sad

In this class we used Holga cameras and a twin lens reflex
with 120 roll film. We developed our film and printed in
the dark room. The final prints were about 15×15 inches
on cotton based paper. I used warm toned paper which
really gave it a nice effect. Then I scanned my neg’s so
I can post them here and on my sites! It was shot
with the family antique cradle, my old bride doll
in an old cemetary. Yes, i cut my head off on purpose…

Kelly Moore is having a contest which ends tuesday~
Jan 6th, so if you don’t mind, I would love your vote!
The winner gets a free space at Kelly’s next workshop
which I would love to attend!
here is the link, scroll down to the bottom after all the
portraits and click on the button next to my name,
Katherine R and then hit “VOTE”!
I would really appreciate it~ Thanks…

you have to scroll down to end of 1st page to “older posts”
click on that and go towards bottom of pg 2 to vote box

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