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How Bout Dem Cowboys…well, maybe not today

Yeah, I know, they lost today to Washington by only 2 points, but what I am speaking of is this crazy, huge new stadium being built in Arlington! I was driving over today for a meeting when I saw this HUGE spaceship like building looming off in the distance. I can’t remember the exact cost, but what a loss to Dallas to not have this building built here !

Me and My HOLGA

The Cotton Bowl, Home of the Texas / OU football game!
Livestock buildings above and below
Texas Hall of State- fabulous Art Deco interiors!
The fountain near the Vietnam Memorial
and a lonely Tattoo sign on a building in Waco,
taken a few weeks ago on the Dallas PPA
Little Red Schoolhouse I attended!

I‘m taking an experimental class at the Jr college and we

only use Holga’s and twin lens reflex cameras,
like the old days! I am getting attached to the funky
look of the Holgas’ photos and although our first project
due next week is with cyanotype processing, I am
also scanning my neg’s and then photo shopping my Holga
images with their less than sharp images and
vignetted corners! Here are a few I snapped
today at the fair grounds!

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I’ve WON for 2016 Best Photographer

Remodeling and Home Design

Katherine Hershey in Richardson, TX on Houzz


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