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An Emergency

I just added a few photos of Audrey’s new
wedding boots
with a bunch of texture added!

Kim Dawsons Model Search

Fathers, beware, you may get snapped too!
Saturday, The Plano Photo Club had a field trip to Northpark to photograph the Kim Dawson annual Teen Model Search!It was alot of fun, and between sets we chatted with people in the audience and ended up with LOT’S of models
and innocent bystanders who wanted their photos taken! The famous, Jan Strimple was there watching as well and after chatting with her we got to shoot a few of her as well~! Thanks Jan~

Be careful when asking a bunch of photographers
what they
are doing… you may end up in
a photo session! These cute girls
just sitting
there minding their business, ended up with a
photo shoot with about 4 of us posing and
snapping away! Look
at those eyes, every single
one of these girls has gorgeous eyes!

Little girls from Wichita Falls like to have their
photos snapped
as well, especially aspiring models!

3rd time is a Charm!

O.K. , So, we need to get up on the roof of a
3 story condo in Dallas. After calling two HVAC
companies to come look at the problem, and deciding they really did not want to go up that high,
Bostech came to our rescue~ I decided to give them a little plug on my blog since they had such a good attitude and fixed the problem without a lot of groaning! Seems like a pre-requisite for air guys, locksmiths, electricians to be grumpy! So, when I find one with a good attitude, I want to shout it from the roof tops, literally!

First they tried the shorter ladder which was not
tall enough!
Scoping out the situation, they decided to go for the 16 ft.extension ladder,
which had
to be hoisted up from the ground to the 3rd floor balcony. Didn’t think it would make it up three flights of stairs!

Then, Peter and helper Doyle grabbed the ladder and
pulled it up the side of the building and then the tools up to the
slooping roof! Talk about 2 ingenious guys!

They were even kind enough to stop and pose for a photo!

The ladder makes it’s descent down~

Call BOSTECH HVAC when you need service on your heat and air~!
they are GREAT~ 972.485.8808
Thanks guy’s for a job well done~
Thanks to Ron, the first to come out
and then to Peter and Doyle for climbing
up about 60 ft. in the air!

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