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Caddo Lake and Jefferson, Texas

Kennedy House B&B is where we made our home for

two nights in Jefferson! With it’s 6 bedrooms, we had
plenty of room to stretch out in ! We had the house to
ourselves and enjoyed our breakfast each morning. . . One of the highlights of my trip was meeting
Mr. Gerald Dunn, Marshall, Texas. I was driving
around town while the girls had their nails done
when I spotted Gerald sitting on a bench. His sweet
demeanor and kind look made me want to stop to
chat and ask if I might snap a photo or two.

Several weekends ago, the Dallas PPA organized
a group of women to go on a B&B retreat, just for the
fun of shooting! About 9 of us went, including Katie
our model~ We wandered around Jefferson,
visited, got manicured and pedicured in Marshall
and visited the old cemetery where we shot Katie in
a vintage ball gown!
The next day we headed out to Caddo Lake around
dusk to go out on boats for close ups of the trees,
moss and any wild animals we might see!

I will always love my Daddy. . .

To my father, who loved being a dad…
not until he was 42 did he have children –
us 4 kids, whom he loved dearly . . .
Thank you Daddy, for letting us know how much
we were loved and wanted, and for the positive
influence you had on our lives

Emerald City Band at Susan G Komen Walk for the Cure

An amazing time was had by all… at the Susan G Komen Walk in Plano!
Our stage was set up at the end of the walk on the lawn at
EDS and their sprawling
campus! What a great place
for a walk to support such a good cause. We were
to be a part of the 18th annual festivity!

Elizabeth’s Garden is in memory of Elizabeth Guardiola,
who started the
Hispanic’s for the Cure, and passed away
herself in 2004. The garden is set up
just outside of the
Survivors area, where many of the survivors
marched from to join us at the

The winning t shirt designs were displayed
across the front of the stage!

There were all kinds of FREE food, gotta
keep up the stamina for a walk/run
like this!
Kroger was one of the sponsors who set up
a booth and provided
snacks for everyone…

A beautiful quilt was donated and auction tickets sold to
extra money! And the winner is . . .

Check back a little later to see what else we
were up to this weekend!

Head Shots

Lately, I have been shooting a lot of different
Head Shots and Portraits so I thought I
would just post a sampling of them all!
Terrance Newman, I believe, from the Dallas Cowboys
at the Arthritis Golf Tournament I helped document.

Ken Morris, producer, director, writer
for Zombie Love,
the movie! Watch for it
next year during the AFI film festival!

Oh, sorry about that! Forgot to mention
that I
worked for about 13 days as the
Set Photographer
for SMU student, Ken Morris,
who was making a film
during spring break~
It is called “Zombie Love”
thus these
last few photos!

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