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Happy Easter!

Spring has definitely sprung
in Dallas this week!

I am a little late getting my entry hall
decorated for the weekend

so this morning I took the time to
get all my little eggs, rabbits,

chicklings, and dolls out for show!

Then Angel said, ” Let’s go outside
with my chair
and have a REAL photo

Of course, not to be outdone, Ole Stewart
decided he
wanted his photo taken as well!

I still have some of my decorations up
from Christmas
it is hard to take all the
lights and stars down, so they

usually stay up all year!

Ebby turns 97!

Happy Happy Birthday Ebby!
Last week this sweet lady who founded
Ebby Halliday Realtors

over 60 years ago gave me the
opportunity to come to

her home and take a candid portrait or two!
What a treat it was, and she was so gracious
to take time out of her busy schedule to
indulge this budding photographer!
Even at 97 Ebby is on the go
just about every day! She is in
demand as a speaker at functions
and benefits and is always so willing to give
of her time and herself. She is a major
supporter of the Collin County
Child Advocacy organization among others.
Ebby has given so much opportunity
others over the years through
company and is an inspiration to
us all, to give of ourselves

and to stay busy and active
in our lives. Last year

she was awarded the Horatio Alger Award
attended the ceremony in
the White House.
This year
she was given the Linz Award
here in Dallas.

Ebby has always been so kind and patient to pose with agents as they come
through Ebby School and as she visits my office, I always get to snap a few
photos of anyone who would like their photo taken with her. She often comes
to our office parties and is happy to let me snap photos of everyone there with her.
So, it just seemed natural for me to ask her if she would allow me to come do a
portrait session in her home, in her own surroundings. It was alot of fun, and
my first “celebrity” shoot! Thank you so much Ebby for being so gracious and
giving to us all.

The Story of Bob and Judy

Suddenly, out of nowhere appeared about 40 women, walking up and down our street, at least 3 times per day. Judy’s curiosity got the best of
her when she asked one of the gal’s
“exactly what is going on?”

When the lady told her that we were there for a photo workshop, she replied
that she would really love to have a photo taken of she and Bob, her husband of
47 years! Not being shy or ones to back away from a photo opportunity, we were
happy to do the honors of a photo shoot at their home.

Bob and Judy got ready for our 3:00 shoot on Thursday and sat on the front
porch where we placed them. Erin, Deb and I took turns posing and shooting
them and had a blast! It was just like the models we had worked with the
two times we shot models during the week! We were seasoned pro’s!

After taking a few shots of them side by side, we coaxed Bob to take Judy’s hand
and then later, even put your arm around her! Then we had them stand against the neat shingle siding at which point I said, “Ok Bob, give Judy a BIG kiss!

You can see his reaction in the first photo on this posting, so cute and fun!
I think they had a great time and we then went over to the beach, it was really cold that day and took a few with the ocean in the background.

It was such an honor to work with Bob and Judy and Riptide their poodle! He really loved being in the photos! I know their children will cherish these photos that all 3 of us took for years to come! To me, this is what photography is all
about, giving back to people with photos of their loved ones so that families will have these for years to come.

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