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Paula Deen and family visit Dallas

My friend Shelley invited me to see Paula Deen this past weekend as she tours promoting her new book and Smithfield Hams. It was really fun and we got to go to the Meet and Greet before the show for an intimate visit with about 50 other invitees! This made for a great photo op as we were in a very small area which made for nice close ups! Several little girls brought flowers and got to shake Paula’s hand! Will post more photos later!

Sheila Walsh at Prestonwood!

Last night I got to hear Sheila Walsh from the Women of Faith
conferences speak at Prestonwood for the Womens Summer
Dinner in the Atrium! There were about 1415 women there for
dinner and the message after and a few songs from Sheila!
Each table had a hostess, responsible for decorating it as she
pleased, and this one table really captured me! I couldn’t stop
photographing Della’s beautiful pink and shells table! She does
showers, weddings and parties, so be sure and drop me a line
if you would like to get in touch with her. We need to get a web site
up and running to showcase her talents! Women of Faith is next
weekend in Dallas and I am attaching a link if you are interested in
attending. The CD of last nights visit with Sheila will be available
through Powerpoint by Saturday if you would like to get a copy!
Sheila was inspirational as she always is, very open sharing about
her childhood and then life in America.

There is a guppy in this vase, look closely!

Bob’s 60th Birthday Party !

Bob Crouch’s 6oth Birthday Party on July 7, 2007
Bob’s wife Kay and my friend Penny who came in from Colorado
to help host a special gathering for her brother’s party had a great turn out and time
with lots of friends and family from all over. Penny asked me to photograph the special
day and so here are a few of the photos from that Saturday a few months ago. . .

I am just now getting a few photos from the party up! Seems like I am becoming the master of the special year Birthday Party! I think the cake almost caught on fire due to the number of candles!

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