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Downtown Condo Living with Preservation Dallas !

Preservation Dallas hosted a tour of several condo buildings
downtown, on the Gables in the old Gulf States Building and
the other in the Republic Star Bank building for those of you
who grew up in Dallas. Guess it is called Republic Tower.
Wave and I went and it was pouring rain, but it was fun and loved getting some neat photos from way up high! Also stopped in at the Kirby Building and showed Wave the beautiful lobby with it’s vaulted ceiling. My father actually had his law office in this building right before he passed in 1985 or so. After he was gone it was one of the first conversions into apartments downtown.

Rop’s 85th Birthday Celebration

Robby and Charlotte enjoying the fun!

My father in law had his 85th birthday last week and decided to throw a great BIG party to invite many friends and family to help celebrate! Here are a few photos and mention of some of the vendors who helped make the day so special! Bugatti’s Italian Restaurant on Bachman Lake was the location and what a great time we had! The service was OUTSTANDING, and the venue served the party well! We had a tent over the patio for guests to enjoy the beautiful weather and lake, and a duo of sax and keyboard by Joseph Vincelli , that were fantastic!
The cake was by Le Gateau on McKinney and we used all of Robby’s nicknames to decorate! My neice Waverly seen above was in charge of everything with me helping along the way. Bohemian Angel, down on McKinney did the spectacular flowers, and Staples enlarged our old photos to place on easels, that were a hit! Britt at the Coit and Campbell location was so helpful along with his staff to make sure the photos were just perfect! Couldn’t have asked for a better store to work with us on this task! The enlargements were a great addition to the party and everyone, of the 300 or so who came, really got a kick out of seeing the enlargements. From his days as a child, husband, father, grandfather and brother, to his days at Lone Star Steel, and his family now, it really documented his life!

Dallas Victory Square

While showing some out of town clients around Dallas a few weeks ago, we ended up in Downtown Dallas while under a tornado watch! The clouds really looked like this as they rolled in and blew the flags! American Airlines center is in the background and the new
Victory hotel and shops surround this great new area in Downtown Dallas!

Poppies in the Park!

Poppies blooming in the Park!

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